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Petworth Emigration, 1832, Letter from William Spencer to his, and his wife's Family

The two following letters were on the same sheet of paper, at the top of which a few lines had been written by a friend of the parties, before it left England.

From William Spencer, who went form Linchmere, Surrey, to Francis Cooper, (his wife's Father), Petworth, Sussex.

September 16th. 1832.

Dear Father and Mother, Brothers, and Sisters,

* * * * * * * * We arrived safe in York in Upper Canada. We came further up the country, about 30 miles, and there we went to work on the road, for 3s. 3d. per day: we were staying with Mr. Jacob Truller; and was enjoying a good state of health till the 22nd August: my dear wife was taken ill with typhus fever, and she departed this life on the 7th. of September: she was attended with all the neighbours; and we have found them very kind, much kinder there, than ever we did in England. I have hired with Mr. Truller, by the year, and I am getting good wages; and, if you feels any ways inclined to come, I think it would be better for you; for I think you will get [a] better living here than you ever will in England. I will find you a home for you, till you can suit yourselves better. I am going to write to my brother in London, and I should wish for you to let all my friends see this letter; and I should be very glad to hear from you, as soon as you could make it convenient to write: so no more at present, from your affectionate son,

William Spencer.
So adieu.

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