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Petworth Emigration, 1832, Letter from John Luff

From John Luff, late of Bury, Sussex, aged 15 years

Nelson, July 29th. 1832

Dear Sir,
This letter is to inform you of your humble servant, John Luff: we arrived at York on the 23rd. day of June. I might have got three places at Montreal but as I was a waiting for Mr. ............ [edited out of original] I did not go, so I came to York, and from York about 30 miles up the country; and I went to work on the road, and Mr. ............. did not come for me; so I am living with Jacob Triller, and I am living in the Township of Nelson, District of Gore, County of Halton, the Province of Upper Canada; and I like Canada far better than England.

This lad has neither father nor mother living, and made repeated applications to the Overseer of Bury to pay the expence of his conveyance to Canada.--His request was at length complied with, and the above is addressed to the said Overseer.

On the same Sheet was the following

Dear Aunt Foster, at Fittleworth, near Petworth;

I hope you will give yourself no more uneasiness about me at present; though the distance is far that we are from each other, I should like to see you once more, though I am resigned to the will of him that devises all things. I think at present that the country above mentioned, that I now live in, is a good, and a wholesome, and a pleasant one, as far as I am judge: the prospects of gaining property are pleasing: and may say the same of my master: whether we shall have the pleasure of seeing each other, in this world again, God only knows; if we should not, I wish you would join with me in writing, it seems to be the only satisfaction we can have here. Nothing more at present, but remaining yours truly,

John Luff

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