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Petworth Emigration, 1832, Letter from Elias Elliott to his Brother

September 24th. 1832.

Dear Brother,

I now take this opportunity of writing a few lines to you, for to let you know that I am well at present, hoping that when these few lines reach you, they will find you all in good health. We had a safe arrival across the ocean, landing at Quebec, thence up the river St. Lawrence, to Fort George, where there were several of us stopt, about twelve miles back in the country, where we expect to tarry for the winter; and the rest have gone on about a hundred miles further, into the country. We have all had the fever ague that stopped here, but we are getting over it; I am getting quite right again; and I feel happy that I ever took the resolution to leave my native home, [for] a country far easier to get an easy, and honest living. I feel happy to think that we are here. Dear brother, we have not landed among thieves, nor robbers, but among christian people, where we can hear the gospel preached. I have nothing to regret, only that my friends were not here, and as well suited with the country as I am. I wished to [be] remembered to Mr. Charman, and Hannah Charman. I feel a desire to see you all, and I think, if I have my health a few years, to pay you all a visit. Dear brother, I wished to be remembered to James Francis, and Mary White, and to my brother Daniel: I should feel happy if he were here with me now. Joseph Leggett is well, and wishes to be remembered to all his inquiring friends; and William Moore and his brother is well. Brother, I don't know but I shall come to see you next fall, or the spring following. We left Richard Neal [He afterwards went to Dundas v. his letters] at Little York. Brother, I hope you will improve the first opportunity of writing to me, as I have nothing more to write at present, but I remain, your affectionate brother,

Elias Elliott.

Mr. Richard Elliott,

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