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Petworth Emigration, 1832, Letter from Catherine Tribe Evans to her Brother

Extract of a Letter from Charlotte Evans (formerly Charlotte Tribe) to her Brother (Robert Tribe,) Dean, near Petworth.

Waterloo, August 18th. 1832.

* * * * * * * * * * Robert Chalwin is dead; he wished to make his home with us, but his (Uncle would not let him stay, but took his things with him. 14 that came out of Lurgashall Parish, Mrs. Morley, Joseph Kingshott, Henry Lander and Brother, Ned Luff, Henry Gogger is dead. Dear Robert, Benjamin Says, if he could have the two Robert's and Neddy, (or Biddy) between them, he never should want to see England again. Give Ben's love to Henry Baker, Robert Kingshott. Our love to Mr. and Mrs. Hill, and all the children. Jesse [Penfold,] James [Rapson,] and Benjamin [Tribe,] are building a house; and you and family, shall have a house when you come.

Dear Father and Mother! and we all send our best love to you; and Wife, and her Father, and Mary's love to Mrs. Sanders; and give my best love to Miss Upfold; and let her see the letter: and tell her when she writes to Mrs. Evans, to give my love, and let her know that I shall write when I get settled, as I have altered my name since I came to this country. I have married an Irishman, that has got land from the King; and we should be on it before, but for the sickness that prevails in the part of the country, where the land lies.

When you come bring 2 pair of shoes, high; very strong: Chalwin to make them: bring your clock; also bring every thing you want (for) housekeeping. In this country, as you pay no duty for any things coming; you will not be examined. If you could, I wish you would bring 12 yards of waistcoat flannel, and I shall refund you the money with thanks. Bring some net for caps; and some for borders; in fact any things in the wearing way, you will get paid for in this part of America. Your trade, working by the day in this country, pay 5s. and the best of boarding, and abundance of employment.

Wishing you and your family, a happy voyage to this country, which shall be the prayer of your affectionate Charlotte and myself.

(The Letter is signed by Charlotte Tribe's husband.)
Joseph Neuroke Evans

Henry Tribe, Galt, Upper Canada.

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