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Petworth Emigration, 1832, Letter from William Cooper to Mother and Father

From William Cooper, late of Burton, Sussex.

Adelaide, Upper Canada
July 28th. 1832

Dear father and mother, brothers and sisters, I hope this will find you in good health, as it leaves me at present. I have been very well ever since I left England: we were seven weeks coming to Montreal, and five weeks more coming up to Kettle Creek. I have got 100 acres of land, at 2 dollars per acre, and one fourth to be paid for at the end of 3 years, and the rest in 3 years more. In English money, it comes to £41. 13s. 4d. in all. Tell my brother James I saw Richard Carter and his wife at Little York: they are doing very well, and said this would be a good opportunity for them to have come out to this coutnry. I should like for all my brothers to come here; for here is plenty of work, and no doubt but we shall do very well after next harvest. Edward Boxall, and his wife, and Wm. Phillips from Merston, and we, have built us a Shantee, and lives and works altogether on our own land. We have got above 2 acres cleared, and shall sow 6 or 7 acres of wheat this autumn, and more in the spring. Dear father, I should like to have a malt mill, and a few pounds of thread, and above all things, a Newfoundland dog for myself; and take this letter to Merston, to Phillips' father, and tell him to be sure to bring him a dog, to catch the deer, and tell you what time of the year they means to come out; so that you may all come together. Answer this as soon as you receive it. I have to tell wheat is now selling, at 1 dollar a bushel; beef at 2½d. per pound; and mutton the same; and pork 4d. per pound in English money. Spirits is very cheap here. Farmers' men gets from 3 to 12 dollars a month, and board and lodgings, and washing and mending. I have no more to say at present, so I must conclude, with my kind love to you all. I remain your dutiful son, William Cooper

Direct to William Cooper, Township of Adelaide, to be left at Colonel Mount's. Delaware, North America.

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