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Petworth Emigration, 1832, Letter from Edward & Catharine Boxall to Mother

From Edward Boxall, late resident at Coldwaltham, Sussex, Formerly a Soldier in the 36th. Regiment.

Adelaide, Upper Canada
July 28th. 1832

Dear Mother,
I take this opportunity to acquaint you that we arrived here safe, and in good health, on the 6th July. Dear mother, I was very fortunate, in bringing my discharge with me; for I found, when I landed at York on the 23rd. June, that all who could shew their discharge, was entitled to a hundred acres of land, from the crown for their service, which I accordingly got: so if either of my nephews, or both of them, should like to come over here, I will give them some land to work upon. tell them to bring some tools, and all the money they can get, with them, and some upland seed, of all descriptions, and garden seeds too, and barley in particular. Wm. Cooper's land joins mine, but he have got to pay two dollars per acre for his, and 6 years to do it in. Here is a river runs through the corner of my lot, and plenty of fish in it; and here is wild deer, and turkeys, pheasants, partridges, and rabbits: and any body may kill them. Catharine is very well at present, but she was very sea sick coming over, for some time: she sends her kind love to Ruth, and all their brothers and sisters, and all friends. Copy this letter,and send it to my sisters, and tell them I will build them a house, if they will come over here to live. So no more at present from yours, Edward & Catharine Boxall.

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