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Workhouses and Homes Which Sent Children To Canada 1869-1939

The following list contains the names of workhouses and other institutions which appear in the records of the Government of Canada as having sent children to Canada. Numerous documents were used to obtain the list (which is a work in progress). These documents are in the collection of the National Archives of Canada. Names are given as they appear in the official records. The county in which the Union/workhouse is located is in square brackets.

Alverstoke Parish [Hampshire]
Barton Regis [Gloucestershire]
Bath [Somerset]
Birkenhead [Cheshire]
Birmingham [Warwickshire]
Brentford Union [Middlesex]
Bristol [Gloucestershire]
Bromley Union [Kent]
Broomsgrove [Worcestershire]
Camberwell (Camberwall) Parish [London-Surrey]
Cambridge [Cambridgeshire]
Carlisle Place Orphanage
Chelsea Parish [London-Middlesex]
Chichester [Sussex]
City of London Union [London-Middlesex]
Clapham [see Wandsworth]
Croydon Union [Surrey]
Darlington [Durham]
Derby [Derbyshire]
Dorchester [Dorset]
Dover Union [Kent]
Durham [Durham]
East Preston [Sussex]
East Retford [Nottinghamshire]
Eastbourne [Sussex]
Edmonton Union [Middlesex]
Fareham [Hampshire]
Field Lane Refuge, London
Fulham Union [London-Middlesex]
Guildford [Surrey]
Greenwich Union [London-Kent]
Hackney Union [London-Middlesex]
Hatfield [Hertfordshire]
Hereford [Herefordshire]
Hertford [Hertfordshire]
Himslet [
Holborn Union [London-Middlesex]
Ipswich [Suffolk]
Isle of Thanet Union [Kent]
Islington (St. Mary) Parish [London-Middlesex]
Kensington Parish [London-Middlesex]
Kings Norton [Worcestershire]
Lambeth Parish [London-Surrey]
Lanchester [Durham]
Liverpool [Lancashire]
London District
Madeley [Shropshire]
Medway Union [Kent]
Merthyr (Wales) [Glamorgan]
Middlesbrough [Yorkshire, North Riding]
Mile End Old Town [ London-Middlesex]
Nazareth House, Aberdeen
Nazareth House, Northampton
Nazareth House, Oxford
New Winchester Union [Hampshire]
Newport [Monmouthsire or Shropshire]
Old Palace, Mayfield, Sussex
Oxford [Oxfordshire]
Paddington Parish [London-Middlesex]
Poplar Union [London-Middlesex]
Portsea Island Union [Hampshire]
Prescot [Lancashire]
Reading [Berkshire]
Richmond [Surrey or Yorkshire, North Riding]
Sacred Heart Orphanage, Homerton
St Agnes's Orphanage, Leyton
St Andrew's, Barnet
St Dominic's, Harrow
St Edward's, Salisbury
St Elizabeth's Hsptl, Gt. Ormd. St.
St Elizabeth's House, Bullingham
St Elizabeth's School, Salisbury
St Francis's Home, Shefford, Beds.
St George Union [London-Middlesex]
St George, Bloomsbury [London-Middlesex]
St George Hanover Square [London-Middlesex]
St George's in the East Parish [London-Middlesex]
St George's in the Field
St Giles and Bloomsbury United Parishes [London-Middlesex]
St Giles in the Fields
St John's Ind. School, Walthamstow
St Joseph's Orphanage, Kensington Hall
St Luke's Chelsea [London-Middlesex]
St Luke's Camberwall
St Margaret's, Mill Hill
St Mary Abbotts, Kensington
St Mary Lambeth
St Mary's, Mill Hill
St Mary's Orphanage, North Hyde
St Mary's Orphanage, Blackheath
St Mary's, West Grinstead
St Mary's School, West Grinstead
St Marylebone Parish [London-Middlesex]
St Olave's Union [London-Surrey]
St Pancras' Parish [London-Middlesex]
St Paul's School, Coleshill
St Saviour's Union [London-Surrey]
St Vincent's Carlisle Place
St Vincent's Home, Harrow Road W.
Salford Protection and Rescue Society
Salford Union [Lancashire]
Shibden Industrial School
Shoreditch Parish [London-Middlesex]
Southam [Warwickshire]
Southampton [Hampshire]
Stepney Union [London-Middlesex]
Stoney Bridge (Stoneybridge)
Stoke upon Trent [Staffordshire]
Strand Union [London-Middlesex]
Stratford [Warwickshire]
Sunderland [Durham]
Tendring [Essex]
Tewksbury [Gloucestershire]
Tisbury [Wiltshire]
Torquay [
Torrington Lodge, Eltham
Toxteth Park [Lancashire]
Tunbridge Wells
Wandsworth and Clapham Union [London-Surry]
Warwick [Warwickshire]
West Derby [Lancashire]
West Ham [Essex]
West Hampnett Union [Sussex]
Westbury [Wiltshire or Gloucestershire]
Westminster [London-Middlesex]
Whitechapel Union [London-Middlesex]
Windsor [Berkshire]
Wolverhampton [Staffordshire]
Woolwich Union [London-Kent]

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