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Items Regarding Union Children

The following information is taken from the National Archives of Canada, RG17 Vol 586 File 66219. It has been sorted alphabetically and first and last name has been reversed.

List of Children From Croyden Union Who Landed At Quebec July 1st 1888 From SS Polnesian Under My Care
August 2, 1888
Name Age Destination
Andrews, Thomas 14 Mr. Parks, St. Marthe, Vandrieul
Bryant, Herbert 15 Mr Colin Campbell, St. Hilaire, P.Q.
Clarke, Richard 13 Mr. McLennan, Lancaster
Harris, Walter 14 Mr. Hambleton, Lachute
Love, John 15 Mr. D. Kinsella, Vandrieul
Parker, William 15  
Perry, William 13 Mr Reid, Chateanguay Basin
Prior, Thomas 15 Mr. Jas Codd, Roryemont, P.Q.
Roots, Frederick 15 Mr. Hambleton, Lachute
Treadway, Henry 14 Mr. Jas Martin, Barrington, P.Q.
Walden, Thomas 12 Mr. Parks, St. Marthe, Vandrieul
Wiley, William 13 Rev. Mr. Kerr, Dunham
Wiltshire, Selina 13 Mr. T.C. Weston, Geological Surrey, Ottawa
Zimmer, Ernest 14 Mr. Hambleton, Lachute

R.A. Winter
Emigrant Chaplain
Liverpool, England

The following is from NAC RG 17 Vol 552 File 61880.

Children From The Croydon Union Brought Out By The Rev. R.F. Winter On Board The S.S. "Sardinian" Leaving Liverpool June 23, 1887 (No 39-July 2)

Age Name Where Placed
13 Anderson, Samuel Rev. H.T. Leslie, Winnipeg, Man
14 Blackburn, Ernest Boys Home, Mountain St., Montreal
from Forehoe Union, Wymondham, Norfolk
15 Brown, Thomas Mr Glass, Cowansville, P. Que
12 Burns, Percy Mr. J. Craddock, Stonewall, Manitoba
12 Cornelius, Emily Mrs. Edmunds, Cote St. Antoine, Montreal
14 Davis, Susannah Mrs Cohd, 317 St. Urbain St., Montreal
12 Eaton, Henry Mr. J. Neefield, Shantofh, P.O., Manitoba
[See also RG 17 Vol 581 File 65523 re: Henry running away.]
12 Finley, Emma Mrs. M.G. Mountain, 23 St. Julia St., Quebec
14 Foote, Edith, A. Mrs. Keeler, South Quebec
16 Gilbert, William Mr. J. Kahler, Winnipeg, Man
15 Haynes, Charles Mr. J. McKenzie, Stonewall, Manitoba
13 Marchant, Joseph Mr. Hunt, Marbleton, P. Que
13 Newby, Hannah Mrs. Duncan McCormick, 3 Lorne Ave., Montreal
11 Paul, Joseph to be returned to England
12 Rumsby, Robert Mr. Mountain, Danville, P. Que
14 Seager, Charles J. Mr. Canning, Inverness, P. Que
13 Smith, Emily Mrs. Honey, Abbotsford, P.Que
11 Whapshot, Mary Mrs. Nonnf?, Grand Allée, Quebec
13 Whapshot, Caroline Mrs. Doran, 527 St. John St., Quebec
R.A. Winter,
August 18th , 1887
I hereby Certify that the 19 children named in the above list arrived per S.S. "Sardinian" July 2/87
Govt Imigtie? Office
Quebec, 11/10/87
L. Stafford

Report from Mr. Gardner of Saint John, NB

The following is from NAC RG 17 Vol 554 File 62138.

Copy of the disposition of 9 boys from Regis Barton recd. at this agency May 1/86 & sent by Mark Whitwell Esq. who wrote the Guardians required it to which the agent responded Oct 19 inst.

McDonald, Frank aged 15 with George Milligan. P.O. address Springfield Kings County

Good, William aged 15, with Abraham Fairweather, P.O. address Springfield Kings County.

Carloss, Arthur aged 15, with Eli Northup P.O. address, Ballisle Creek Kings County Post Mistress Mrs McLeod

Carloss, Richard aged 13 with James William, P.O. address Springfield Kings County

Taylor, William aged 14 with Andrew Taylor, Stewarton P.O. address C/O Alex. Stewart Springhillvale Kings County

Hamilton, John age 15 with Miss Fowler Long Reach Pines St. John Mr Carless? Point. P.O. address Long Reach. P.O. at Carless Point Kings County
a splendid lad but enticed away by a carpenter who was working for Miss Fowler & taken to Clifton also Kings County. Will trace him & report to the Guardians.

Bush, Frank aged 16 with Mr. Wm Adair. P.O. address Newton Kings County

Kempsford, Alfred aged 16 with Peter Leddington. Stonehouse Victoria County & this the P.O. address

Bridges, James aged 13, with Joseph W. Townsend, Passakeag? Kings County, this also P.O. address
with respect to Bridges will inquire and report true version as to Master or Boy in fault.

Yours truly
S. Gardner

List of pauper Children reported upon by R. Macpherson

The following is from NAC RG 17 Vol 560 File 62955.

Union or Parish from which the Children were sent Names Ages Names and Addresses of the Persons with whom the Children were placed in Canada
Holbord Frederick Rowe 14 Philip Low Picton Town
Marylebone Edward Howard 15 Mrs John Low Town of Picton
Frome Beatrice Newman 11 William Moorhouse (not John Moorhouse) Lormbardy P.O. Lot 17 in 1st Con South Elmsley

Kingston, 17th January 1888
R. macpherson
Govt Imm. Agent

The following is from NAC RG 17 Vol 514 File 56589.

Dear Mr. Small
will you kindly send me a better address than that already furnished for the following names as I cannot find either Loborugh or Grimsville-

Alex Hoey c/o F. O'Connell Loborough [note says Tp of Lorghborough-Addington]

James Freeman c/o Patrick Quinn Grimsville

Robert Ryan c/o Geo Comerton Grimsville

Sarah E. Beattie c/o Francis Quinn Grimsville

William Carroll c/o Mr J.O'Neil Grimsville

Yours truly
John Smith
(per) A.W.

[note says
Grimsville Flamboro W. Went-t-? [Wentworth]
Griersville St. Vincent Grey E]

The following is from NAC RG 17 Vol 652 File 74219.

[On Croydon Union, Surrey Stationary]

28th July 1890

Richard Clark

Selina Wiltshire

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 15th inst respecting the above children and to thank you for the same.

[signed by the Clerk of the Union, E. Platts]

The following is from NAC RG 17 Vol 624 File 70794.

[Dated London, Ontario, September 30th 1889]

A.G. Smyth, Immigration Agent at London, Ont. gives an account, quoted from the London Free Press, of 28th regarding a fatal accident involving Walter Davis from Kings Norton Union, aged 11.

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