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Quarrier Homes

On July 2, 1872 the first children from Quarrier Homes of Scotland were sent to Canada with the Macpherson organization. These children were sent on the ship St. David with a destination of Marchmont in Belleville, Ontario.

Children continued to come to Canada with the Macpherson organization and then with Ellen Agnes Bilbrough until Quarrier himself took over the shepherding of his children to Canada. Quarrier continuted to use Marchmont until 1887.

In 1888, Willaim Quarrier started his own home, called Fairknowe in Brockville, Ontario. There were children other than those from the Quarrier home in Scotland who used Fairknowe. For example, a group from the Douglas Industrial Home on the Isle of Man. Letters from some of the children exists.

In The News

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Some records for this organization can be found in the National Archives of Canada. Fill out the online Quarrier form for more information about a child. You may also write to Quarrers Homes at the following address:

Quarrier Homes
Renfrewshire, PA11 3SX

Web Sites:

The Glasgow Caledonian UniversityHeatherbank Museum of Social Work has information on Mr. Quarrier. There is also information on the home and a History of Children in Scotland

For the Quarriers Canadian Family please contact:

Fred Wardle
Melanie King.

Lists of Children

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