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London Female Emigration Society

The London Female Emigration Society sent women, 18 of them and all working women, to Toronto in 1850. According to government reports this work continued year after year.

Bride Ships

British Columbia, in 1862, had a mostly male population, a fact that did not go unnoticed. Rev. R.C. Lundin Brown, the Anglican rector at Lillooet, talked to some miners about the brideships being sent to Australia. A proposal was made that they also ask to have a vessel sent to British Columbia. Thus it was that on September 17, 1862, the Tynemouth arrived at Esquimalt with her special cargo. The arrangements for the women were made by the Columbia Emigration Society with the assistance of the London Female Emigration Society. The first vessel sailed in April for British Columbia with a small party of women. A larger party of 60 women, under the supervision of a matron, followed on the Tynemouth. The Robert Lowe sailed in September, 1862. A reporter for the BC Colonist, had this to say:

...we went aboard the steamer yesterday morning and had a good look at the lady passengers. They are mostly cleanly, well-built, pretty looking young women–ages varying from fourteen to an uncertain figure; a few are young widows who have seen better days. Most appear to have been well raised and generally they seem a superior lot to the women usually met with on emigrant vessels. Taken altogether, we are highly pleased with the appearance of the "invoice"...They will be brought to Victoria and quartered in the Marine Barracks, James Bay, early this morning by the gunboat Forward. A large number of citizens visited Esquimalt yesterday and endeavoured to board the vessel, but were generally ordered off and returned from their fruitless errand with heavy hearts. (G.P.V. Akrigg & Helen B. Akrigg, British Columbia Chronicle, 1847-1871; Gold & Colonists, (Victoria: Discovery Press, 1977), p. 257.)

The Robert Lowe arrived with 36 women in January, 1863. These women were from Manchester, England.

If any one has additional information on any of these women please contact me.

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