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Church of England, Waifs and Strays Society/Children's Society

The Church of England established the Waifs and Strays Society in 1881. This organization brought some of the Church of England's children to Canada. At first the children were taken to Sherbrooke, Quebec. However, the Church worked with Maria Rye, who took girls to Our Western Home at Niagara-on-the-Lake. Miss Rye started her work in 1869 but in November, 1896 the Church of England took over the running of Our Western Home and continued to send small parties of girls to this home. The home was sold in 1914. In 1924, a house in Toronto was purchased and called the Elizabeth Rye Home. Girls were then sent to this home for placement as domestics.

Records from the Gibb's Home in Sherbrooke, Quebec were being microfilmed by the LDS church. You might want to check your local LDS library to see if these are ready.


The Library and Archives of Canada has some records from this organization. They are located on reels C4745-6 covering the period from 1893-1950. You can also write to these addresses.

If any one has additional information on any of these children please contact me.

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