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Published monthly by the The American Orchid Society, Inc.

Published since 1932, Orchids magazine (formerly known as the AOS Bulletin) is just one of the many benefits that membership to the AOS gives you. Each monthly issue is packed with topics of current interest for both beginners and advanced orchid growers. In full color with spectacular pictures, the magazine also features dozens of pages each month of advertisements that link readers with sources of orchid plants and growing supplies.

Orchids Australia

Orchids Australia is the official publication of the Australian Orchid Council Inc. and is published six times per year (February, April, June, August, October and December). The magazine is 92 pages and mainly full colour, which makes it a unique periodical in the orchid world, and features articles by specialist Australian and overseas orchid growers. Content includes topics on species, culture, disease and pests, adventure and, more recently, pictorial essays on specific genera, and is primarily directed to the general orchid growing public.

Oasis - The Journal

Oasis - The Journal is a new Australian based, quarterly international orchid publication. It is dedicated to the conservation, culture, identification, and landscape use of exotic and native orchid species and natural hybrids from around the globe. The journal is further enhanced, by colour photography.

The Orchadian

The Australasian Native Orchid Society is dedicated to the cultivation, conservation and scientific study of native orchids in the Australasian region. The Orchadian is the highly respected orchid journal that promotes interest in the orchids of Australasia.

Journal of The New Zealand Native Orchid Group

The New Zealand Native Orchid Group is made of members throughout New Zealand and abroad who are united in the common purpose of their strong interest in the Native Orchids of New Zealand.

Orchid Research Newsletter (Kew)

The Orchid Research Newsletter is published twice per year and is available for download.

The Canadian Orchid Congress Newsletter

Published bimonthly by The Canadian Orchid Congress. The COC is an association of the orchid societies in Canada. It promotes the orchid hobby and the study of orchids in Canada through those orchid societies, its annual meeting and its services. The publication is available online.

The Orchidist

The Orchidist is published by the South Florida Orchid Society, Inc. and is available on their website.

The Orchid Digest

The Orchid Digest is published quarterly by The Orchid Digest Corporation.

The Cymbidium Society of America

As the official voice of The Cymbidium Society of America Inc., the CSA Journal is published bimonthly, with an international range of coverage. While Cymbidiums and Paphiopedilums are the main genera featured, articles are included on other cool-growing genera that grow under cymbidium-type conditions. Each issue contains something of interest for everyone, from the newest beginner to the most advanced grower.

McAllen International Orchid Society Journal

The McAllen International Orchid Society (MIOS) Journal is a monthly print publication devoted to the study of orchids. It includes articles that are scientific, horticultural, historic, and popular in nature. The unifying theme is orchids.

The Orchid Review

Published every other month by the Royal Horticultural Society The Orchid Review is the oldest and most influential orchid magazine in the world and essential reading for anyone with a passion for orchids. It is more than 100 years old and, in 1993, it became the orchid journal of the Royal Horticultural Society.

Malayan Orchid Review

An annual publication of the Orchid Society of South East Asia Singapore

Journal of The Orchid Society of Great Britain

The Orchid Society of Great Britain publishes a journal quarterly in full colour. Subjects include news from around the world, cultivation advice, book reviews, stories of orchid hunting and advertisements, all lavishly illustrated.

The Maxillaria Tribe

Devoted to the history, study, and cultivation of the vast group of orchids within the tribe known as the Maxillarieae.
Web site:

International Phalaenopsis Alliance

The IPA was formed in 1990 to promote the appreciation, cultivation and conservation of Phalaenopsis orchids.

The Pleurothallid Alliance News

Published quarterly by The Pleurothallid Alliance, primarily to encourage the cultivation, conservation, and appreciation of all orchids of the subtribe Pleurothallidinae.


Published quarterly by The Irish Orchid Society.

The Slipper Orchid Alliance

The Slipper Orchid Alliance is an international organization dedicated to the slipper group of orchids (those with a pouch rather than a lip), including Cypripedium, Mexipedium, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, and Selenipedium.

It publishes a quarterly newsletter.

South African Orchid Council Newsletter

The South African Orchid Council Newsletter is available on the website.


Richardiana, la revue trimestrielle, éditée par Tropicalia, consacrée aux Orchidées

Die Orchidee

Deutsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft

Orchideen Journal

The Vereinigung Deutscher Orchideenfreunde VDOF e.V., an Association of German Orchid Lovers, sees itself as a holding organization of the attached orchid organizations.


Societe Française D'Orchidophilie


Italian Journal of Orchidology

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