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Vessels Arriving at Quebec 1837

(Extracted from the Immigration Report of 1837)

The column "By whom sent; Master" gives general comments and information about assistance which was given to some of the passengers on that vessel. If the Master of the vessel is known, his name will also be given. Some passengers were assisted to emigrate by the Poor Law Commissioners. Others were assisted by Parish funds while still others, were assisted by their landlord.


Vessel From Whence Arrived

on or between

Passengers By whom sent; Master
Borneo Limerick wk ending May 13    
Recovery Kinsale wk ending May 20    
Isabella Cork May 27    
Hero Bristol May 27   Earl of Heyteabury, Wiltshire sent about 45 tenants to Lake Simcoe area
Ann(e) (brig) Lynn June 10 154 sailed April 20; sent by Parish of Beachamwell, Norfolk; some landlords; Capt Long
Auxiliary London June 13 164 Thomas Birt was Surgeon and Capt Patterson; many ill; 64 in hospital and 10 died on voyage; some sent by Poor Law
Nelson Wood (brig of 400 tons) London June 16   Capt Robinson
Charlotte Liverpool June 17    
Atlanta Bristol June 24   many from Somersetshire with Parish help
Venus Yarmouth June 24 140 Poor Law
Friends Dublin June?    
Swan Cork June ?    
Bolivar Waterford June ?    
Anne Cork June ?    
Prince Le Boo Dublin June ?    
Mary Liverpool June ?    
George Londonderry June ?    
Four Brothers


Sydney, NS July 1   with passengers of Royalist which was wrecked
Regalia Londonderry July 8    
Eldon London July 29   landlords; also 40 Germans on board; Capt Warren and Mr. S. Staley, Durgeon
Wm Ritchie Liverpool Aug ?    
Conubia Liverpool Aug ?    
Ocean Dublin Aug ?    

(400 tons; fine teak ship)

? ? 120 Poor Law from Wandsworth and Chapham and some landlords; Capt Nackels (Nocheles) and Mr. G.A. Jenkins, Surgeon
Stanton ? ?   Parish of Lamberturst , Kent; Capt Trevit
Eliza London ?   Capt Munn
Stentor London ?   Landlords
Royalist Londonderry - 136 collided with Wexford, from Wexford, on May 28 near St. Paul's Island but got to Sydney safely. Passengers sent to Quebec in schooner.
Hannibal Newry - 16 wrecked 40 miles below Gaspe at Griffin's Cove; passengers and baggage saved.

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