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Vessels Arriving at Quebec 1835

(Extracted from the Immigration Report of 1835)

The column "By whom sent; Master" gives general comments and information about assistance which was given to some of the passengers on that vessel. If the Master of the vessel is known, his name will also be given. Some passengers were assisted to emigrate by the Poor Law Commissioners. Others were assisted by Parish funds while still others, were assisted by their landlord.


Vessel From Whence Arrived

on or between

Passengers By whom sent; Master
Shannon (brig) Lynn Sent by Swaffham Parish to Port Hope, Earl of Egremont; Capt. Allan
Thomas Spright (brig) Limerick wk ending July 11   not enough provisions on board; Capt. Gorman
William Ewing (ship) Londonderry ? 300 wrecked off Island of Scatterie and all saved
James (bark) St. John ? ? wrecked off Magdalen Island and all saved
Nathaniel Graham (bark) ? ? 48 (including crew) lost 4 miles east of the James, only 7 saved
Severn Bristol May 18 94+ 94 paupers sent by Berkshire Parishes; Capt Smith
Elentheria London c May 22 ? included were 31 boys sent by the Children's Friend Society
Amity Aberdeen wk of June 6 ?  
Burrell Portsmouth wk of June 13 ? mostly from Petworth in Sussex sent by Earl of Egremont
Maria Inverness wk of Aug 22 111 small-pox on board
Englishman London wk of Aug 29 ? 35 children sent by the Children's Friend Society
Kilmans (bark) ? wk of Sept 5 ? ?
Hebe ? ? ? children sent by West Kirk Workhouse from Edinburgh to Port Stanley

Steamer Canada used to take passengers on to Montreal.

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