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Ships to Quebec 1820

Extracted from the Quebec Mercury of 1820.

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 5 Ship Commerce N. Coverdale 21 June Greenock 402 settlers
Aug 7 Brig Lord St. Helens Kirton 6 weeks London to H. Atkinson
Aug 7 Ship Surry Garbutt 6 weeks London to H. Atkinson
Aug 8 Bark Ann Clark 76 days Shields 10 settlers to Mr. Burnett, glass, &c
Aug 10 Brig Margarett Oliphant 16 June Mr. Peddee, Mr. and Mrs. Gibson and family and 52 settlers cargo glass and ballast
Aug 10 Ship Will Pitt Richardson 9 June London Mr. Beaumont wife and child, Mr. Blacklin, Capt. Reed's (70th Regt.) Wife and servant to P. Patterson & Co.
Aug 10 Brig Lightfoot Potts 42 days Whitehaven to Heath & Moir, coals and rum
Aug 10 Ship Minerva Dale 25 June Portsmouth to P. Patterson & Co
Aug 10 Brig Queen Graham 54 days Newcastle 4 settlers W. Price
Aug 12 Brig Dwina Thompson 49 days Belfast 133 settlers to Stewart & Lemoise
Aug 12 Ship Alfred Bacon 49 days London Mr. Thorne and Mr Parson to H. Atkinson
Aug 12 Ship John and Mary Chalmers 60 days Liverpool to George Symes
Aug 12 Ship Trusty Mather 10 weeks London to Mr. Price
Aug 13 Brig Alpha M'Cormick 51 days Liverpool 12 settlers to Froste & Porter, salt and coals
Aug 13 Brig Bruce Alex. Greig 60 days Aberdeen Messrs Shea & Froyer, Miss Dalrymple and 8 in steerage to Hamilton & Co, bricks and goods
Aug 13 Brig Lanstephen Castle J. Thomas 2 months Ross 42 settlers to J. Black
Aug 13 Brig Diligence R. Kirk 10 weeks Leith 10 settlers to P. Burnett
Aug 13 Ship Henry J. turner 70 days London to P. Patterson
Aug 13 Ship Thomas and Mary J. Dysart 49 days Cork 7 officers and 86 men of the Royal Artillery to Govie
Aug 14 Brig Argus H. Wilkinson 56 days Dumfries 73 settlers to G. Symes
Aug 14 Brig Speculation Thomas Chapman 63 days Liverpool 29 settlers to irvine & Co, salt & goods
Aug 14 Brig British Tar M. Palmer 46 days London to W. Price
Aug 14 Brig Hope J. Duncan 51 days Greenock 44 settlers to Irvine & Co
Aug 14 Ship Aurora P. Earl 53 days Liverpool to H. Atkinson
Aug 14 Ship Benj. & Mary Coates 49 days London to H. Atkinson
Aug 14 Brig British King chambers 1 July London Mr. Relfs to H. Atkinson
Aug 14 Brig Elizabeth Magden 27 June London Colonel Phillott, & Mr. Jomer Government provisions
Aug 15 Schr. Kitty Quilier 60 days Plymouth to order, wines and goods
Aug 15 Brig Geo Hodgson Nash 49 days Jamaica to Melvin & Belanger, rum
Aug 15 Brig Cambria Handley 32 days Berbice to Bell & Stewart, rum
Aug 15 Brig Rambler Pope 55 days Hull 35 settlers to H. Atkinson
Aug 15 Schr. Sir J.T. Duckworth Mosiers 17 days Bermuda Mr. Masters, Snr to Heath & Moir, rum
Aug 15 Brig Ann Cowey 43 days Plymouth to Campbell & Sheppard
Aug 15 Brig Mary Cowman 55 days Liverpool 9 settlers to Irvine & Co, goods
Ship Agnes Adamson lost ship on 9 July last in Straits of Belisle. Ship is a total loss, saw the master and 2 men of the Brig Paragon, who wintered on Newfoundland, the only three saved from the said Brig last fall; she was lost going through the Straits of Belisle.
Aug 15 Bark Liberty J. Meggett 58 days Hull 9 settlers to H. Atkinson
Aug 15 Ship Glory E. Ponnder 11 days Halifax Dr. Melvin and Family, Mrs M'Neil and child to Melvin and Belanger, Govt. Stores
Aug 15 Brig Industry M'Donald 35 days Desnerara? to F.C. Oliva, rum, sugar, &c.
Aug 15 Brig Mary W. Inglis 47 days Coleraine 67 settlers to M'Roberts and M'Clean, linen, &c.
Aug 15 Brig Edward W. Cleaves 57 days Barbadoes   to R. Hamilton & Co, sugar
Aug 15 Brig Betsey D. Wither 49 days Greenock 78 settlers to Mr. Burnet
Aug 15 Brig Friends G. Richardson 49 days London    
Aug 15 Ship Esa W. Gray 56 days London to Mr Kerr
Aug 17 Brig Rover J. Smith 50? days Newport to J. George, iron
Aug 17 Brig Gemina? R. Tate 49 days Dublin to Bell and Stewart
Aug 17 Brig Thos Pym & Penrose S.S. Owen 65 days Waterford to M. Fayle
Aug 17 Brig Britannia W. Barclay 59 days Liverpool Mrs Murray and Daughter, Messrs. Dale, Reid and Willmott to Millar and Fariane
Aug 17 Schooner Dove W. Huntable? 21 days St. Lawrence, N.F.L. To J. Hunt
Aug 17 Ship Dutchess of Richmond Cook 45 days Oban 266 settlers to Lawrie and Spence, coals, rum, &c.
Aug 18 Ship Royal Sovereign Cromarty 67 days Portsmouth to M. Lyanburrner
Aug 20 Ship Brooke Dougal Cowan 6 weeks Greenock 176 settlers to Rogerson, Hunter & Co
Aug 21 Ship William A. Spencer 12 June Portsmouth to Mr. Lymburner
Aug 24 Brig Vulcan R. Brown 27 June London to Hamilton & Co
Aug 24 Brig Free Briton J.S. Moffat 14 June London to Mr. Price
Aug 24 Schr. Mary Sivrac North Shore to Mr. McTavish, salmon, oil,furs
Aug 24 Brig Henry Lewes 15 July Plymouth to Mr. Burnett
Aug 24 Brig Amphion Little 60 days Dublin 76 settlers to L. Maquay
Aug 25 Brig Glenianer? Murry 8 July Tobermorry 18 settlers to Heath & Moir

landed 129 settlers at Cape Breton

Aug 26 Brig Carrier Tucker 25 June Liverpool Mrs Howett and family, Mr Gillis to Froste & Porter, salt and coals
Aug 26 Ship Lady Juliana Smith 56 days London P. Patterson & Co
Aug 26 Brig Retrieve Hague 32 days Gibraltar to order, salt
Aug 27 Brig Hannah Sevin 48 days Dublin 120 settlers to Mr Black
Aug 27 Schr. Providence Long 21 days St. John's N.F.L. To Captain
Aug 29 Ship Thomas Wm Bothwick 11 July Portsmouth 46 officers and men of the 76th, 37th, 60th and 70th regt. To R. Hamilton & Co
Aug 30 Brig Zephyr James Wilson 56 days London to Heath & Moir
Aug 30 Brig Jemima Edward Doyle 49 days Dublin 77 settlers to W. Pemberton, wine, canvas, &c.
Aug 31 Brig Martha Denwod 76 days Dumfries 34 settlers to Geo. Symes
Aug 31 Ship Promp Nairn 4 July Greenock 370 settlers to Geo Ross
Sept 4 Duchess of Bedford Hawkins 15 July London to W. Price
Sept 4 Bark Hope Royal 6 July London to R. Hamilton & Co
Sept 5 Brig Alexander Ferguson 56 days Greenock 112 settlers McRobert & McLean
Sept 5 Brig Ann Brace 35 days St. Kitts to Mr Burnett, rum
Sept 5 Brigantine John Dunscomb Hastic 57 days Jamaica Mr. Wardle to M. Shaw & Co, rum, coffee and molasses
Sept 5 Schooner North Shore to Mr McTavish, salmon
Sept 7 Ship George John Nagers 32 days Madeira to Bell & Stewart, wine, rum and cordage
Sept 8 Brig Grace Jono Pattison 47 days Demerara to Mr. Brown, rum, sugar and molasses
Sept 9 Brig Norval Geo. Skinner 60 days London to Irvine, M'Naught & Co
Sept 9 Ship Euphrutes J. Chanceller 58 days Scarbro' 10 settlers P. Patterson
Sept 9 Brig Fevne? J. Fenwick 42 days London 6 officers and 36 men of the 76th, 37th, 68th, &76 b. to order
Sept 9 Brig Victory D.A. Smith 52 days Jamaica Mrs Bray, Mrs Ford, Miss Jones, Mr Morgan, Mr Faryib, 4 settlers and Mr Aberfanie to Findlay & Co, rum and sugar
Sept 9 Brig Glasgow A. Craig 18 days Halifax Mr. W. Young and 13 settlers to R. hamilton, coffee, molasses, &c.
Sept 9 Sloop Reward King's Posts to Mr. M'Tavish, salmon, oil, furs
  Schooner Magdeleine Resignole of Quebec bound to St. Vincent has arrived, says he lost his vessel in lat. 21 deg. 20 min. north, long. 57 deg 30 min. on the 20th June last & crew taken out by a ship bound to St. John's, N.B.
  Brig Mary           Capt. Craig says, a brig is on shore near I'Islette. The brig is the Mary of Coleraine, outward bound, supposed a total loss
Sept 12 Brig Rachel Thomas Sutton 62 days London to R. Atkinson
Sept 15 Brig Sceptre Thomas Gibson 57 days Bristol to R. Hamilton & Co
Sept 14 Ship Lynx Redpath 45 days Plymouth to order

The Lynx sailed from Plymouth on the 20th August, but unfortunately brought no papers

Sept 14 Brig Weir Thomson 42 days Hudson Bay to order, furs
Sept 15 Brig Belleisle Hartness 56 days Liverpool to Froste & Porter
Sept 15 Atalania Utting 2 months Liverpool Mr. & Mrs Towke to irvine & Co, salt and coals
Sept 19 Bark John Howard Smith 11 Aug Cork 9 settlers to Campbell & Sheppard, cargo goods, wine, 2d voyage
Sept 19 Brig Union Wallace 23 July London Mr. and Mrs Dean and 4 servants, Mr and Mrs Barnaby, Mr Mahenson and 3 settlers to G. symes, cargo goods
Sept 19 Brig Ann Brough 29 July Liverpool to R. Morsough, general cargo
Sept 19 Ship Morence Wood 63 days London Mr Martin to P. Patterson
Sept 19 Brig Mary Dunn 31 days Southampton to W. Pemberton, 2d voyage
Sept 19 Schooner ? to Jacob Pozer
Sept 19       "   to M. Lymburner
Sept 19       "   to D. Stewart
Sept 19 Brig Hope ------- ------- Bristol to A. George, iron &c.
Sept 20 Brig Penelope John Chisholm 56 days Glasgow Revd Mr. Stanton and family, Mr J.P. Connell, Mr M'Nichol and brother, Mr O'Farrell and Mr Black and 60 settlers to R. Brown, general cargo
Sept 21 Brig Susan W. Taylor 65 days London Froste & Porter, general cargo
Sept 21 Brig Felicity James Mickle 2 Aug Belfast 63 settlers to M'Roberts and M'Clean
Sept 25 Brig Wellington Thos Taylor 65 days Gibraltar to Bell & Stewart
Sept 25 Ship Nautilus N. Mitchell 43 days Plymouth to H. Atkinson
Sept 26 Brig Clyde Scott 61 days Sunderland 1 settler to Mr Bruce, earthenware and coals
Sept 26 Brig Mary Islette   she was stranded at Islette, bound for Colraine
Sept 28 H.M. Ship Nautilus Chapman   Jamaica      
Sept 30 Brig Brothers James Young 17 Aug Cork 4 settlers to Geo Kerr
Oct 1 Ship Nassau W.P. arossard 54 days Waterford Mr Maighon and 10 settlers to M. Fayle
Oct 1 Brig Patriot A. Anderson 18 Aug Liverpool   to Heath and Moir
Oct 2 Ship Europe Willis 18 Aug London   to P. Patterson & Co
Oct 2 Brig Carricks Spark 18 aug Liverpool   to G. Symes
            The Alexander, Geo Symes, Hunter and the Patriot arrived at Liverpool on the same day, 24th July-The Hunter is gone to Jamaica. The Æoles and jane were to sail shortly.
Oct 3 Brig Penrose Foley 14 Aug Liverpool    
Oct 4 Brig Hope Geo Simpson 29 July Belfast 143 settlers  
Oct 7 Brig maris J. Peebles 49 days Limerick to Finlay & Co, whiskey
Oct 7 Brig Bolden Thos Barrett 67 days Londonderry Mr M'Cheffsles and 4 settlers to W. Pemberton
Oct 8 Brig Mary Ann J. Moore 50 days Aberdeen   to Heath & Moir
Oct 8 Ship Isabella John Dodd 7 July Hull D. Commissary Genl Adams & family and 8 settlers to hamilton, Brothers & Co
Oct 8 Ship hannah S. Webber    London    to P. Patterson & Co
Oct 8 Ship Amity Thos Campbell 50 days London   to Caldwell & Davison
Oct 8 Brig Union A. M'Koll 19 Aug Liverpool   to Mr Orkney, coals

The Union saw a ship on shore near the west end of Anticosti with only her foremast standing.

Oct 9 Brig Jane W. M'Grach 63 days Waterford   to order
Oct 9 Brig Ann G. Shaw 48 days Sligo 9 settlers to Mr Burnett, ballast and salt
Oct 9 Ship Triton J. Marshall 19 Aug London   to P. Patterson
Oct 9 Brig Alexander Robt Marshall 39 days Liverpool Mr and Mrs Lewis and children to J. J. Jones, general cargo
Oct 10 Ship Mary John Taylor 19 Aug London   to order
Oct 11 Brig Robert J. Neil 44 days Greenock 1 settler to order
Oct 11 Brig Union John Craig 54 days Irvine   to order
Oct 11 Brig ?inle H. Watts 18 Aug London    to Hamilton & Co
Oct 11 Ship Camillus M. Marshall 31 Aug Liverpool   to J. Jones, Jr., salt and coals
Oct 11 Brig Hope J. Middleton 61 days Liverpool   to Hamilton & Co
Oct 11 Brig Jane ? 44? days Ayr Mr. Brown, Mrs Cothwood and two daughters, and Mr Hamilton to Melvin and Belanger
Oct 11 Ship Rebecca A. Harvey 28 Aug Greenock Mr and Mrs W. Davidson, Mr. Davidson, Mr Lane, Mr Marshal and 50 settlers to Laurie and Spence, rum and goods
Oct 11 Brig Harriet W. govin 40 days Demerara Mr. McIntosh to J. Jones, Jr, rum
Oct 11 Brig Scipio? Geo Ker 53 days Plymouth Mr Pen, Ordinance Dpt. To Caldwell and Davidson
Oct 11 Brig Prince of Austurias A. Donald 22 Aug Dublin 43 settlers to Mr. Pentland

Spoke the James Kempt, off the Bird Islands.

   Brig Jane         Capt Murdock of the Brig Jane, died last Sunday, after an illness of three weeks.
Oct 14 Brig Clarkestone J Seavier 29 Aug Greenock    
Oct 14 Eliza Harvey   Liverpool   is on shore at Batture de Milles Vaches
Oct 17 Bark St. Lawrence Douglass 30 Aug from the Downs London Captain Pachee and lady, Captain Stephens, Mrs Smith, Mrs Symes, Mrs Kate and son, 15 settlers to W. Newton, general cargo
Oct 18 Brig Alert Caldwell 23 Aug Liverpool   to Froste & Porter, salt and coals
Oct 18 Brig Surrey M'Kellop 17 days Halifax Mr Brown to Mr. Browne, rum and sugar
Oct 18 Brig Nautilus Watson 35 days St. Michael's   to H. Atkinson, fruit and wine
Oct 18 Bark Sir James Kempt Stewart 39 Aug Cork   to Campbell & Sheppard
Oct 18 Brig Favourite Smith 31 Aug Liverpool 3 settlers to Charles Hunter, salt & goods
Oct 18 Brig George Symes Bushby 20 Aug Liverpool Mr Webster and 1 settler to G. Symes
Oct 18 Schooner Jane & Mary   17 days Halifax   rum and sugar
Oct 18 Brig Waller Hanney 1 Sept Liverpool Mr Freres and family, and 4 settlers to Mr. Chafiers
Oct 18 Sloop Reward     King's Posts   to Mr M'Tavish, salmon, oil, &c.
Oct 18 Brig Swan Fairlie 35 days Grenada  Mr Urquehart, and Mr Hood and servant J. Ross, rum and molasses
Oct 20 Ship Broke D. Cowan 18 days St. John's, N.F.L. 2 settlers  
Oct 20 Ship Knapton G. Mainland 17 Aug Scarboro'    
Oct 20 Brig Ann Wm Scott   Dublin   came up on shore, near Egg Island on 14th and fears she will be lost
Oct 29 Brig Eliza Harvey 19 Aug Liverpool   on shore near Mille Vaches and received damage got off on ?
Oct 31 Ship Spring Skeleton 30 Aug London    
Nov 2 Brig Hope E. Biggs 70 days Belfast   Caldwell & Davidson
Nov 3 Governor Woodford R. Maxwell 44 days Barbadoes   J.D. Hamilton
Nov 3 H.S.M. Brig Bellere Capt Baker 14 days Halifax    
Nov 3 Brig Broughton W. Wilson 30 days (from Portsmouth) London Mr Gould, Mr Thompson, Mr Templeman, Mrs Templeman, Master Wills and 2 settlers to W. Pemberton, Govt. Stores
Nov 5 Brig Jean Late Murdock       returned with loss of anchor, cable, and windlass
Nov 5 Ship Mary & Eliza         returned with the loss of an anchor

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