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Ship Arrivals in Quebec 1818

The following arrivals were extracted from the Quebec Mercury

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 18 Ship Suffolk Samuel Hightholm? 18 days Carbonniere, N.F.L. 9 settlers To Caldwell & Davidson
July 20 Brig Aid Palmer 17 June Barbadoes   to P. Patterson
July 20 Brig Belvoir Castle Proudfoot 23 days Cnception Bay, N.F.L.   To Mr. Symes
July 21 Transport Ship Albury     Kamouraska   no news
July 23 Brig Eclipse Walker 2 months Lynn 1 settler to Hamilton, Brother & Co
July 24 Symetry Sutherland 48 days Demcrara?   J. Jones Jr., rum
July 25 Ship Hero Fulbister 7 weeks London   to P. Patterson & Co
July 27 Schooner Providence Civrac 16 days St. John's, N.F.L. 4 passengers to James McCallum & co, 95 puncheons rum
July 21? Brig Pomona Wilson 23 May Dublin 103 settlers to J.G. Campbell
July 21 St. Helena Elliot and Jane[sic]   London   to Mr. Micklejohn
July 21? Schooner Margaret Vinigeneau 16 days Magdalen Isles   to Master, plaister, fish and oil
July 28 Ship Montreal J. Hillary 8 weeks London 120 passengers, part military and part settlers to Govt. Stores and Merchang Goods;
July 28 Schooner Lark Bernier 10 days Perce 19 passengers to F. Buteau, fish and oil
July 29 Ship Brunswick Blake 45 days Cork 230 settlers to Patterson & Co, stores to Government
July 29 Brig Geo. Ponsonby Hull 65 days Dublin 63 settlers to Mr. Pentland
July 29 H.M.S. Iphigenia Capt Hyde Parker 18 June Portsmouth His Grace the Duke of Richmond, family and suite, and Sir Peregrine Maitland and suite, &c.  
July 29 Ship ?(fold in paper) ?     Mr. M.G. Hamilton to Campbell & Sheppart
Aug 1 Brig Speculator Organ 9 weeks Dublin 135 settlers to Mr. Pellard
Aug 1 Brig Ann Atkinson 8 July St. John's, N.F.   To Captain, coals
Aug 1 Brig Bridget Waker 61 days Plymouth 29 settlers to Mr. Limburner
Aug 2 Ship Robert Garnip 9 weeks Belfast 229 settlers to Caldwell & Davidson
Aug 2 Schooner Sarah J. Tuzo 8 July Bermuda   to Heath & Moir, rum and sugar
Aug 2 Brig True Briton Reid 31 May London   to Mr. Meiklejohn
Aug 2 Brig Sir John Cameron Selby 46 days Newry 200 settlers to II. & J. Chaffers
Aug 2 Brig Economy Owen 9 weeks Dublin 122 settlers to Mr. Pentland
Aug 2 Ship Friendship Thompson 59 days London   to Campbell & Sheppard
Aug 2 Brig Henry Atkinson 37 days Rochefort   to Hamilton Brother & Co
Aug 2 Ship Lord Wellington Heard 39 days Madeira   to P. Patterson & Co. , wine
Aug 2 Ship Agincourt Mathwin 53 days Leith 298 settlers to Irvine, Macnaught & Co., stones, stoves and gin
Aug 2 Ship Pitt Hamilton 61 days Belfast 211 settlers to Hancox & Cringan
Aug 2 Bark John Lothington 5 June Hull   to Hamilton, Brother & Co.
Aug 2 Brig Henry Newport 66 days Dublin 137 settlers to order
Aug 2 Brig Nelson Donahou 61 days Cork 39 settlers to J.C. Sinson
Aug 2 Brig Vestal Bullenwick 63 days London   to Coltman & Hale
Aug 2 Ship Perseverance Fisher 47 days Belfast 144 settlers to Rogerson, Hunter & Co.
Aug 3 Brig Martha J. Blackburn 22 May Liverpool 5 settlers to Fronte & Poffer?
Aug 3 Ship Samuel Whitbread W. Doyle 4 June Liverpool   to order, salt
Aug 6 Fournier's Schooner     Rat Island   with part of the settlers from Bark Royal Edward
Aug 7 Bark Royal Edward     Rat Island    
Aug 10 Brig Mary Maddeck 21 days Amboy, USA   to Mr. Fayle
Aug 15 Brig Concord J.B. Branford 7 days[sic] London Mr. Shaw and son to H. Atkinson, brandy, rum and fruits
Aug 16 Ship Monarch Thornhill 66 days Liverpool 50 settlers to P. Patterson, salt and goods
Aug 16 Brig General Brock G. Matthew 41 days Barbadoes   to Irvine, M'Naught & Co, rum, sugar and molasses
Aug 16 Brig Three Sisters Harris 29 May Halifax Capt. C.A. Fitzroy, A.D.C. Mr. J. Howe, senr; Capt. Hill and Lady, & servants and 17 settlers to Captain, sugar, stoves and ballast
Aug 17 Ship Disdem Dodd 18 July Philadelphia   to Caldwell & Davies
Aug 17 Brig Amphitice Davidson 65 days Sunderland 69 settlers to P. Patterson & Co
Aug 17 Schooner Coraket Metcafe 19 days Halifax 10 settlers J.O. Brunet
Aug 17 Ship Agonemnon Rogers 61 days Leith 199 settlers to R. Hamilton & Co
Aug 18 Ship Herald Foreman 29 June London   to P. Patterson & Co
Aug 18 Ship Wilding   67 days Hull 10 settlers to Caldwell & Davidson
Aug 19 Brig Mary Anne Lewis G. Walsh 25 days Halifax   to Quiretiet?, Chinic, & Co., rum, sugar and molasses
Aug 19 Brig Kate Tyner 39 days Barbadoes   to Irvine, M'Naught & Co., rum, sugar and molasses
Aug 20 Brig Lord Exmouth Barrett 2 months Plymouth 32 settlers to Mr. Price, rum, earthenware, &c.
Aug 20 Brig Merope Patrick 38 days Cork   to G. Pezer
Aug 20 Schooner Industry Demeul 31 July St. John's, N.F.   Heath & Moir, sugar & iron
Aug 21 Brig Reith G. Patterson 53 days Liverpool Mr. Jackson & son and 32 settlers to Geo. Symeys, goods and coal
Aug 21 Schooner Brothers     Baye des Chaleurs   to Mr. Marett, salmon
Aug 23 Ship Earl Moira C. Baker 10 weeks London   to Mr. Lymburner
Aug 23 Ship Jane Rogers 51 days Greenock 131 settlers to Geo. Ross, dry goods, rum and coal
Aug 23 Schooner Lucy     Magdeleine Islands   oil and plaster
Aug 23 Ship Contest Langden 10 weeks London   to Bell & Stewart
Aug 23 Brig Norval Walker 27 June Aberdeen Messrs. Duff, Moirie and Thompson to Heath & Moir
Aug 25 Brig Jamaica Packet Dickinson 64 days Dublin 122 settlers to I.E. Campbell, furniture, glass
Aug 27 Ship Lady Gordon Pew 40 days Whitehaven   to Captain, casks and 40 puns. Rum
Aug 27 Ship Gov. Milne Padden 21 June London   to Caldwell & Davidson
Aug 27 Ship Prince Braithwaite 21 June London   to P. Patterson & Co
Aug 28 Brig Sarah Clements 57 days Belfast 170 settlers to Mr. M'Roberts & M'Clenn
Aug 28 Ship Loyal Briten Rose 8 weeks London Major Loring to Mr. Price
Aug 28 Brig Marinlow Burns 80 days Dublin 115 settlers to Mr. Peatland
Aug 28 Brig Jean Black 63 days Newcastle 2 settlers to Bell & Stewart, goods and coal
Aug 29 Brig North Star Crowly 56 days Cork 15 settlers to Mr. Sinton
Aug 29 Brig Endeavor Hunter 41 days Lisbon   to Captain, salt
Aug 29 Brig Westmorland Tyson 44 days Whitehaven   to Irvine M'Naught & Co.
Aug 29 Brig Mary Breen 62 days Dublin 116 settlers to Mr. Pentland, wine
Aug 29 Ship Suffolk Bean 49 days Belfast 186 settlers to Heath & Moir, 20 Puncheons and rum
Aug 30 Ship Hannah Pearson 67 days London   to P. Patterson & Co.
Aug 30 Schooner Mary Frickey 10 days St. John's, N.F. 22 settlers to Mr. Brusette, oil and molasses
Aug 30 Brig Faragew Hall 15 July London   to Maitland & Garden
Aug 30 Ship Lord Mulgrave Tendale 1 Aug London   to P. Paterson & Co.[sic]
Aug 31 Brig Patriot Anderson 32 days Liverpool 7 settlers to Heath & Moir
Aug 31 Brig Glory Brenn 23 July Lynn   to Hamilton & Co
Aug 31 Brig Aid Lister 11 days Newfoundland   to Geo. Symes
Sept 1 Ship Friends Clarke 50 days Hull   to Hamilton, Brothers & Co.
Sept 1 Schooner Lively Lemieux 6 days Bay des Chaleure   fish and oil
Sept 1 Brig Claremont Tolson 46 days Workington 41 settlers to Captain
Sept 8 Brig Sophia Moore 43 days Greenock 160 settlers to Rogerson, Hunter & Co.
Sept 8 Brig Mary Shaw 2 months London   to Caldwell & Co.
Sept 8 Ship Margaret Wildgoose 40 days London Capt. Ruin? and Family to Captain
Sept 8 Brig Prince of Wales Guilskill? 50 days Newry 11 settlers to Capt Brice? wine and wiskey
Sept 8 Ship Trion Marshall July Brest   to P. Patterson
Sept 8 Brig Martha Bean 63 days Workington 50 settlers  
Sept 8 Ship Europe Mainland 31 days Bristol    
Sept 8 Brig Albion Bott 38 days Dublin    
Sept 8 Sch'r Good Intent Filleul 21 days St. John, N.B. Mr. Moore  
Sept 8 Brig Leander Middleton 38 days Liverpool    
Sept 8 Brig Britton Evans 3 Aug Dublin 20 settlers  
Sept 8 Ship Crown Roach 34 days London    
Sept 9 Brig Waterloo Kendall 48 days Fort William 180 settlers  
Sept 9 Brig Elizabeth Winder 56 days Liverpool    
Sept 9 Brig Progress Talbot 37 days London    
Sept 9 Ship Bellona Storey 38 days Playmouth    
Sept 9 Brig Curlew Young 49 days Greenock 205 settlers  
Sept 9 Brig Jane Murdoch 1 Aug Irvine Capt. Shaw and Parnely  
Sept 9 Ship Kate M'Kenna 33 days Dublin 49 settlers  
Sept 9 Ship Rebecca Harvey 6 Aug Greenock 17 settlers  
Sept 9 Brig Earl of Dalhousie Sevie 37 days Liverpool    
Sept 9 Brig Bulwark Chermer 39 days Jamica[sic]    
Sept 9 Brig Neptune Wilson 14 July Dublin 70 settlers  
Sept 9 Ship Sarah Wates 54 days Cowes   16 officers and 213 men of the 60th and 76th regt.
Sept 9 Brig Melham Halleday 30 days Dublin    
Sept Sterling White 31 days ?    
Sept Brig Amphion Little 4 Aug Liverpool    
Sept 23 Brig Alexander Morgan 7 Sept St. John's, N.F. Lieut. Browing 68th Regt. To Woolsey, Stewart & Co., port
Sept 24 Ship Sovereign Dawson 56 days London   to M. Lymburner
Sept 24 Schooner Harmon Milne 17 days St. John N.F.   to Patterson & Weir, rum, sugar and coffee
Sept 24 Ship Mary Ann Jackson 40 days Bristol to Hamilton   to Hamilton, Brothers & Co., iron
Sept 24 Brig Erato Robinson 40 days Jamaica Mr. M'Near and Mr. Small to Irvine & Co., rum sugar and molasses
Sept 24 Brig Sir J.T. Duckworth Prudden 26 days Bermuda Mr. John Tresiper boarded the hull of a schooner full of water in latt. 45d. 5m. And could not find papers on board to trace who she might be; saw the bodies of three men that had been drowned on board; she appeared a new vessel and a fishing craft. Goods to Heath & Moir, rum and molasses
Sept 29 Ship Highland Lad Moore 43 days Liverpool    to J. Goudie, bricks and goods
Sept 29 Brig Hero Snook 20 days St. Johns, Newfoundland Messrs Branan & D. McMillan  
Sept 29 Brig Ann Liston 24 days Halifax, NS 50 settlers  

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