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Loss of the Steamship Atlantic, White Star Line, March 30, 1873

When the Atlantic, a steamship of the White Star Line, was wrecked off the coast of Nova Scotia in March of 1873, she became the worst marine disaster for Canada of the nineteenth century. One source listed 546 out of 975 lives lost. The following information was extracted from two different sources. Here you will find a brief description of the events up to the accident followed by a list of passengers. There is also a short list of items found, presented because some give names or addresses.

(Extracts from Loss of the Steam Ship "Atlantic" published 1873 from Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions (CIHM) #26654.)

The Vessel

"The Atlantic was launched at Belfast, Ireland, in 1871; was 420 feet long, 40 feet beam, and 23 feet depth of hold, and registered 3,723 tons. She was constructed of iron, and had four masts and six water-tight bulkheads. She was fitted with eleven boilers and four cyclinders on the compound principle. A certain magnificence marked the adornments and upholstery of the Atlantic. The saloon was 80 feet long, and extended entirely across for a width of 40 feet. The lounges and fixed seats were upholstered in crimson velvet. The pannels of the saloon were damask, white, and pink; and the pilasters, brackets, and cornices were of teak nicked out with gold. The bed hangings of the staterooms and sleeping berths, which were large and commodious, were of green reps; and the appointments were in all respects elegant and complete. The Atlantic arrived in New York on her first outward voyage from Liverpool in June 1871. She left on her first return voyage on July the first, following. This was her nineteenth trip. She was valued at $500,000."(p. 4)

Captain's Statement

"Sailed from Liverpool March 20th; during the first part of the passage had favourable weather and easterly winds; on the 24th, 25th, and 26th, experienced heavy south-west and westerly gales, which brought the ship down to one hundred and eighteen miles a day. On the 31st of March, the engineer's report showed only 127 tons of coal on board. We were then 460 miles east of Sandy Hook, wind S.W. and high westerly swell and falling barometer, the ship steaming only eight knots per hour. Considered the risk too great to push on, as we might find ourselves in the event of a gale short, out from any port of supply, and so decided to bear up for Halifax, at one p.m., on the 31st, Sambro Island north five degrees, east, distant 170 miles, ship's speed varying from eght[sic] knots an hour to twelve; wind south during the first part with rain; veered to the westward at eight p.m., with clear weather at midnight; judged the ship to have made 122 miles, which would place her 48 miles south of Sambro. I then left the deck and went into the chart-room leaving orders about the lookouts and to let me know if they saw anything, and call me at three a.m., intending then to put the ship's head off to the southward, and await daylight. My first intimation of the catastrophe, was the striking of the ship on Mar's Island, and remaining fast. The sea immediately swept away all the port boats. The officers went to their stations, and commenced clearing away the weather boats; rockets were fired by the second officer. Before the boats could be cleared, only ten minutes having elapsed, the ship keeled heavily to port, rendering the starboard boats useless. Seeing no help could be got from the boats, I got the passengers into the rigging, and outside the rails, and encouraged them to go forward, where the ship was highest and less exposed to the water. The third officer, Mr. Brady, and quartermasters Owens, and Speakman, having by this time established communication with the out-lying rock, about forty yards distant, by means of a line, got four other lines to the rock, along which about two hundred people passed. Between the rock, and the shore, was a passage one hundred yards wide. A rope was successfully passed across this, by which means about fifty got to the land; though many were drowned in the attempt. At five a.m. the first boat appeared from the island, but she was too small to be of any assistance. Through the exertions of Mr. Brady, third officer, the islanders were aroused, and by six a.m. three large boats came to our assistance. By their efforts, all who remained on the side of the ship and on the rock were landed in safety, and cared for by a poor fisherman named Clancy and his daughter. During the day, the survivors, to the number of 429, were drafted off to the various houses scattered about the village. The resident magistrate, Edmund Ryan, Esq., rendered valuable assistance. The chief officer having got up the mizzen rigging, the sea cut off his retreat. He stood for six hours by a woman who had been placed in the rigging. The sea was too high to attempt his rescue. At three p.m. a clergyman, Rev. Mr. Ancient, succeeded in passing him a line, and getting him off. Many of the passengers, saloon and steerage, died in the rigging from cold, amongst the number the purser of the ship. Before the boats went out, I placed two ladies in the life-boat, but finding the boat useless carried them to the main rigging, where I left them, and went aft, to encourage others to go forward on the side of the ship."(pp. 4-6)

Steamers to the Aid of the Wreck

"Early this morning, the Dominion government steamer Lady Head, Captain Watson; the Cunard steamer Delta, Captain Shaw; and the steam-tug Goliah, Captain Jones, left the city for the scene of the wreck of the White Star steamer Atlantic, at Prospect, to render such assistance as they could. The Lady Head had on board a number of Custom-house officials, and the Delta's party included several newspaper reporters. The start was made about three o'clock, so that the steamers might reach the scene immediately after daylight. As the morning broke, the steamers approached Prospect, and those on board quickly learned the whereabouts of the ill-fated Atlantic, from the presence around her of a large fleet of fishing schooners and small boats. The locality is one that a mariner would be disposed to give a wide berth to, if possible, the shore being a succession of large beds of rock, with dangerous shoals running out for some distance, while the bay is studded with innumerable islands, large and small, all of solid rock, with scarcely a sign of vegetation or soil, or anything that grows ; yet frowning and dangerous as the place was, there was grandeur and beauty in the scene on this bright morning, when the angry waves were beating against the rocks, and enveloping the shore almost continually in clouds of glittering spray; but the terrible story of the shipwreck absorbed too much of the attention of those on board the relieving steamers to allow them to spend many minutes in admiring the beauties of nature. The business of the vessels was to get on board the passengers and others who had been saved from the wreck and put on shore." (p. 14)

The Passengers

"There were 700 steerage passengers in the ill-fated vessel. The passengers and crew, as she sailed from Liverpool, were classified as follows:-English, 198 men, 74 women, 28 male chilered[sic], 121 female children; Scotch, 7 men, 14 women; Irish, 43 men, 18 women, 3 children; other nationalities, 150 adult males, 32 women, 19 male children, and 18 female children. A large number of emigrants embarked at Queenstown, making the total number of souls upon the steamer, when she sailed from that port, 952."(p. 17)

(The list of passengers is taken from Carrie Clancy: the Heroine of the Atlantic, published 1873 from the CIHM #55081.)

Saloon Passengers Lost

Ladies Gentlemen
Miss Agnes Barker, of Chicago Mr. Cyrus M. Fisher, counsellor-at-law, Vermont
Miss Brodie, of Chicago Mr Henry F. Hewitt, of W.J. Best & Co., 448 Broome street, New York
Mrs Davidson, of London Mr H.A. Krüger, of 54 Exchange Place, New York
Miss Davidson, of London Mr W.H. Merritt, of New York
Mrs C.M. Fisher, of Vermont Mr John W. Price, of 151 Broadway, New York
Mrs. W.H. Merritt, of New York Mr W.H. Sheat, of Nevada
Miss Mary R. Merritt, of New York Mr W.J. Sheat, of Nevada
Miss Annie Scrymser, of New York Mr Albert Sumner, of San Farncisco
Mrs J.W. Sheat, of Nevada Mr H.M. Wellington, of Boston
Miss Rose Sheat, of Nevada
Total: 10 Total: 9

Saloon Passengers Saved

Ladies Gentlemen
Mr Charles W. Allen
Mr Nicholas Brandt
Mr James Brown
Mr Simon Carnack
Mr W. Gardener, of London
Mr P. Hirsch
Mr Spencer Jones
Mr Adolph Jugla
Mr Daniel Kuiane, of Springfield, Ohio
Freeman D. Marewald, of Thompson, Langdon & Co., 391 Broadway, New York
Mr B.B. Richmond, of Detroit
Mr S.W. Vick, of Vick & Melone, Wilmington, N.C.
Total: 0 Total: 12
Total Saloon Passengers: 31

Steerage Passengers Saved

(Read left to right - list in semi-alphabetic order as listed)

Otto Anderson O.R. Anderson
M. Anderson Peter Anderson
John Anderson C. Anderson
Christopher Anderson James Batement
Benjamin Burns Alfred Braman
Patrick Baglan William Booth
Thomas Beering Jack Burkman
August Brigelsen Hans Bernden
Thomas Booth MichaelBurns
William Barron Alfred Bishop
A. Bier Martin Coyle
Thomas Culy Joseph Carroll
Patrick Carroll E. Cornwall
William Cunningham C.M.H. Chanson
Christian Curling Clause Classficht
Patrick Cosgrove Michael Collins
John Carlesen Theodore Colsen
C. Cornelius Thomas Cunningham
Michael Carmody M. Christeaum
Alexander Cameron Thomas Connolly
Patrick Connolly Christopher Crismcraft
Robert Carter William Coughlin
Michael Cunningham Michael Chaplain
Edmund Doherty P. Dunn
John Dinotoe James Dorcan
James Doyle Johannes Deer
Frederick Drumbuski Edward Doyle
Cornelius Driscoll Owen Donnelly
John Donnelly W. Dondler
John Doyle John Dalton
Edward Egan Emile Ellinger
John C. Elly August Elfiske
Marcus Erison John Fungo
Simon Flinn Mr Falk
Edward Figgins John Frum
James Foley Thomas Farrell
James Flanagan M. Greener
Alliarte Giovani Osmond Gundersen
Richard George Charles Groom
Edmund Gayner Patrick Graceford
A. Gustave William Glenfield
C. Huff Robert Hawlett
P.N. Hanson O.P. Hanson
E. Hanson Harris Hanson
W.H. Hayman William Hayman
Charles Havily Hugh Hughes
John Hanley William Hay
Patrick Hannon John Hessel
William Hawk John Holland
Stephen Hammell Michael Hanay
Andrew Huxley J.A. Jolrausen
Henry Jones J.M. Johnson
J.H. Johnson Charles Johnson
N.E. Johnson Henry Jacobs
Thomas Jarvis John R. Jones
John D. Jackson P. Kelly
William Kelly William Kelly
Joseph Kelly Thomas Keys
Mr Kalfan Fred. W. Kohn
G. Keski E.P. Lawson
John Lucas James Lucas
B. Lunsem Hampton Leadon
Peter Levert Mr Lizdall and son
John Leamer John Larver
John Lowe John McNamara
Peter McAdam Charles McCabe
John McGrath Patrick McGrath
James McGrath James McAllister
Joseph McLatchy Thomas McCuppen
Terence McCarthy John Mcmann
Peter mcKay William Malone
Edward Mills Victor Meyer
Patrick Moore Thomas Moffat
Charles Morris Thomas Murphy
Thomas Manning Daniel Moore
John Mung Thomas Medcalf
Peter Mormon John Mander
John Murphy E.M. Neilson
Neil Neilson O.J. Nelson
Richard Nesbitt Jeremiah Neal
Tim J. O'Sullivan Patrick O'Connor
Hugh O'Neil John Owen
R.R. Peterson George Parker
Frederick Potter J.A. Peters
Chris. M. Pederson R.E. Pritcher
Henry Parsons Benjamin Peck
Thomas Pratt James Pratt
William Parker Alexander Parrish
James Patterson John Quinn
John Richard Thomas Robert
Richard Reynolds James Ryan
Patrick Reilly Peter Reilly
Frederick Raby Peter Rogers
George Russell Daniel Riedly
Peter Riland William Roland
Thomas Redney Thomas Sinclain
John Soiensk R. Svenson
John Staneliand M. Schwartz
Jacob Schmidt G. Steverman
Patrick Sampson John Smith
William Smith George Smith
Patrick Sutcliff Michael Sullivan
Jacob Smidt Henry H. Shammay
Andrew Schwartz William Shaw
Neil Sulsen Patrick Sullivan
Andrew Stallbursen Ralph Smith
Peter Sussey Mitchel Sinover
John Schwartz William Shutt
Michael Schwartz M. Sullivan
Daniel Schelby Michael Sullivan
Cornelius Scanlan Michael Sha?ner
John Swank Cornelius Sullivan
Patrick Slattery John Splanzer
Edmund Tye L.P. Thompson
K. thompson Richard Taylor
Joseph Telleff Thomas Trevereaux
John Taylor John P. Tapman
Alfred Valiski William Valentine
Robert Wood William Wood
Thomas Wilson Daniel Walsh
John Williamson John Wakerman
William Worthington John Wren
William Wallam Francis Williams
John Wadley James Walsh
Frederick Wayden John Wreckenburgh
Dubler Zinck Total: 252

Officers Lost

Ambrose Worthington, purser Hugh Christie, chief steward
Henry Metcalf, second officer

Officers Saved

James Agnew Williams, Captain J.W. Frith, first officer
Cornelius Brady, third officer John Brown, fourth officer
______ Cuppaige, surgeon

Crew Saved

B. Acton Robert Atkins
George Anderson John Baillie
Peter Burns John Bulger
John Cosgrove George Cheers
Walter Campbell James Connolly
John Cummins Thomas Dunn
James Dunn Charles Dudley
John Devine D. Davidson
Walter Donnelly Patrick Evans
Patrick Evans (2) John Frederickson
Owen Fostler John Gilbert
William Griffith David Horn
William Hughes William Hannar
Robert Irving William Kiely
John Kelly Daniel Lane
Alfred Lower Alexander Lindsay
Robert McFarlane Matthew Montgomery
Samuel May James Monaghan
Daniel McNichol John Murphy
James McMullen Frank Moffat
Patrick Matthews Daniel Mahoney
George Myers Henry Newton
Alexander Norton William Patterson
Robert Payne Charles Royalance
John Ryder John Simpson
Irving Stullaford George Sanders
William Sunderland John Sheridan
John Speakman P. Tapman
Patrick Tuck Robert H. Walker
Arthur Wilding Thomas Wilson

Steerage Passengers

(It appears that those listed in the saved section are also listed here.)
Females Males
Margaret Broas G. Anderson
Martha Beedhan Johann Anderssen
Suen Bengtssen A. Alsopp
Rosa Bateman John Adams
Bridget Broan Edwin Ball
Isabella Barry Anthony Bridhan
Alice Bell A.B. Bengsson
Alice Cardin August Bottcher
Margaret Cardin Anders Bengsson
Catharine Cassidy William Blake
Eliza Crawford George Blake
Matilda S. Carlson Thomas Blake
Anne Cook Alfred Bishop
Caroline Cook William Booth
Anne Carter James Bateman
Sarah A. Crawford David Boswell
infant Michael Burn
Margaret Corrigan Philip Brady
Bridget Cullen Chris. Barry
Annie Dambrowskie R. Barham
Mary Doyle J. Burn
Jane W. Dunwoody Thomas Byrne
Mary Donovan Sven Bengssen
Eliza Engler David Calvert
Dorothea Engler _______ Calvert
Margaret Engler John Chapman
Magdalen Engler William Coughlin
Christina Engler Niel C. Craft
infant Lewis Cook
Verona Eredenberg Frederick William Cook
Rosie Eredenberg John E. Cook
Bridget Flynn E.M. Cook
Mary Fitzpatrick George Henry Cook
Hannah Fletcher infant
Jane Gustafsen Richard E. Carter
Brugia? Gustafsen Stephens Cornwall
Anna Gensdotter Esau Cornwall
Duetta Giger Emile Christianson
Jane M. Golden Robert Carder
Catharine Golden William Clegg
Louisa Golden William Cunningham
Margaret Hoadley Owen Danley
Isabella Hoadley _____ Danley
infant Joseph Dethalff
Eva Heifer Frederick Dumbrowski
Eva Heifer[sic] Henry Dey
Eliza Halison Guiseppe De Pasti
Sarah Hasbett George De Pasti
Mary Hanley W.H. Durr
Sarah Hasbitt George Douglass
Eliza Irwin Arthur Devlin
Catharine Jones Josh. Dunwoody
Amelia Jones Denis Donovan
Mary Jones James Donovan
Sophia Johnson William Darnbow
Sarah Jones Patrick Derrick
Joanna Klats Marcus Erickson
Eliza Kinlay Olaf Eskelsson
Ellen Kilmore Henry Edwards
Rosa Klusat Andrews Engler
Bridget Lennon Andrias Engler
Hannah Lurgy David Engler
Prudence Larman Christian Engler
Jane Leeper John George Engler
Emily Leeper Thomas Fsrley
Biddip Lavan Owen Foster
Bridget Malion Alfred Fielden
Bridget Murphy Edward Figlins
Mary Murphy Simeon Flynn
Augusta Meyer James Foley
Isbella Murray George Fletcher
Margaret mcKeon John Golden
Annie Mervan Ola Gustafson
Bridget McNally Jans Gustafson
Bridget Moore C.E. Grann
Eliza Moore A.M. Gumraldsen
Elizabeth Pearson George Gagliardi
Bengta Pedsdatter J.J. Gutathuler
Alice Paris John Gutathuler
Mary A. Poccard Jean Goedez
Mary Power Kish Grime
Annie W. Piers George Groates
infant Richard George
Catharine Rich Hugh Hughes
Verena Rich Thomas Hasbitt
Maria Rich James Hasbitt
Marie Sihgeld John Haywood
Marietta Sihgeld Michael Higgins
Catharine Sihgeld Patrick Hanley
Anna Sihgeld John C. Hoadley
Anna Schlegel Wolff Haufman
Mary Sheeran William Hoy
Ann Smith John Haviland
Jane Todd G.T.M. Hoadley
Sarah Turnbull Henry Heley
Margaret Welsh Per Hadensfon
Annie Wadley Rastus Hakensen
Joanna Wiese M. Henrickson
Elizabeth Williams William Hayman
Eliza Williams William Hayman
Sarah E. Williams William Hawkins
Catharine Zioroth C. Haff
William Hook
George Herris
John Hennessey
Samuel Heifer
Mathias Heifer
Leonard Haub
Hendrich Hogman
James Henry
John Hoskin
W.P. Hill
R. Howlett
Moses Halfon
Thomas Honer
____ Irwin (infant0
Arthur Jones
William Jones
John Jones
Robert R. Jones
T. Jones
Charles Johnson
Pier Johanson
Angelo Jonas
Peter Janssen
Joseph Kramer
William Kelley
Johan Klusat (infant)
______ La Linaquist
Henry Lloyd
Edwin Lurgwy
Chris. Lauba
James Lee
John Lyons
Thomas Leeper
William Leeper
James Leeper
John Myers
James McAllister
William Mould
William McKee
James McKee
Denis Moore
Christopher Moore
Magnus Molla
_______ Mattison
_______ Mattison
James D. Murray
Dennis McConnell
James Moore
Peter Mormon
Thomas Maycroft
James Maswell
James Mander
Charles Morris
Joseph Matharon
Thomas Moffatt
Frederick Meadow
John Mahon
E.A. Mills
John C. Mervan
John Murphy
Patrick Moore
Patrick Neosgrove
Richard Nesbit
Olaf Nielson
P. Nielson
Neils Nielson
Olaf Nielson
Johann Nielson
Bengt Nasussena
Robert Nestwell
Niels Olsen
Niels Ohlsson
Andres Ohlsson
Hugh O'Neill
J.F. Peterson
Neils Pehrssen
Gustav Peterssen
James Piers
Harry Piers
George Piers
Ellis Piers
William Palmer
Thomas Palmer
Joseph Parver
Sylvester Parver
Thomas Parver
George Parker
Thomas Pratt
Thomas Pearson
William Porter
J. Pymm
Richard E. Poccard
John Petar
Hugh Parsons
John Quinn
Peter Rogers
William Rolands
J. Roster
Patrick Riley
James Ryan
Alvis Ragger
Daniel Rich
Jacob Rich
Daniel Rich
Jean Rich
Benjamin Rich
George Russell
James Rennick
John Richards
Thomas Bennie[sic might mean Rennie]
John Smith
George Smith
Lorghiln Stretch
Jacob Schmire
_____ Severing
Oder Scrivensen
William Shaw
John Jacob Sihgeld
J. Jacob Sihgeld (2d)
Michael Schlegei
Christian Schlegel (infant)
Christian Schlegel
Patrick Sitcliffe
Henry Smith
William Smith
W. Smith
T. Smith
William Sizer
Thos. Sinclair
William Street
William Todd
Edward Tigne
John Taylor
George Tracey
William Thomas
Thomas Trevoroon
Charles Thorne
Dan Tyehard
Thos. Trumbull
Thomas Tarris
Richard Taylor
George White
W.H. Wilson
Herman Wiese
William Williams
Amos Wadley
Nicholas Warden
Benjamin Warden
William Werthington
William Waite
James Warden
Daniel Walsh
Thomas Wilson
D. Williams
Thomas H. Williams (infant)
Francis Williams
John Wareham
John Watson
John Williams
William Wood

Fifty-four Additional names of Persons Saved

(Read left to right)

E. Anderson Mr Anderson
Gustave Beren A. Bartzeron
Wm. Blanter James Baskful
George Blants Mr Bentrosmuson
Thomas Black George Black
G. Coates Henry Day
Euloph Esmelsen Henry Goodall
John Gustave Peter hanterson
Pierre Hargenen C.A. Isaacson
S. Ingilson A. Jones
James Lepper William Leiper
Rudolph Lee William Lophain
M. Merlo Henry meilly
Albert Miley James Meyer
Olaf Neilson W. Neilson
Neil Parsons Martin Penson
John Peters Evan Pugh
Olaf Partignessen E. Petrson
Thomas Rift James Ronack
Thomas Redfon William Schuppal
Mr Svenson O. Svensen
E. Svensen U. Svensen
Charles Thorne Daniel Tolsard
William Tyonarizer Peter Unson
J. Ulston William Wade
William Wade James Warden
Charles Wenser B. Ward

The following list contains the names of Swiss and Norwegian emigrants who sailed from Liverpool on the Atlantic, March 20:

From Leveler, Switzerland:

Christian Engler Magdalena Engler
Christian Engler Andreas Engler
Andreas Engler David Engler
Elizabeth Engler Dorotha Engler
Johannes Engler Margaret Engler
John Jacob Schlegel Marietta Schlegel
Catharine Schlegel Anna Schlegel
Grita Giger Michael Schlegel
Anna Schlegel Christian Schlegel
Christian Schlegel Leonhard Staub
H.D. Hagmann John George Engler
Samuel Scibert Eva Scibert
Eva Scibert Mathias Scibert
Marie Spitz

From Mauensee, Switzerland:

Casper Krauer Eliza Krauer

From Oberkirchs,

Alois Rogger

From Movelier

Pierre Frund Marie Frund
Marie Anne Frund Henry Joseph Frund
Jules Leon Frund Lewis Eugene Frund
Joseph Frund Mariana Frund
Therese Frund Louis Frund
Marie Frund Joseph Frund
James Joseph Fuche Marie Therese Fuche
Marie Elise Fuche Agnes Florent Fuche
James Joseph Fuche Antoine Burjard
Justine Burjard Ida Maria Burjard
Antoinetta Burjard Judetts Burjard

From Christiana, Norway:

Christensen Andras and three ladies Anna Olson
Claus Schacht and two friends Gottlieb Tesmer with three grown persons and five children
Daniel Wiese with two grown persons and three children

Money and Valuables Found on the Bodies of Victims

  1. Frances Machaward, stewardess, five sovereigns and $2.05 in silver
  2. Mrs Davidson, eighty-two and a half sovereigns, United States paper $181, letter of credit from the London and County Bank Company of Falkner, Bell & Co., San Francisco, in favor of Mrs. Laweston Davidson and 150
  3. Christopher Moore, 5 sovereigns, $226 United States paper, draft drawn by the Hibernia Bank at Liverpool on Messrs. Harnett, Hares, Hambrey & Lloyd, London, for 100; silver watch and chain
  4. John Croke, 36 sovereigns, 37 cents, silver, deposit receipt of National Bank at Kilkenny, dated 17th of march, 1873, for 150
  5. Unknown, (from 5-16 are unknown with various amounts of money, watch, etc.)

17 Mr Hosford, $25 in gold and $3 in silver

18 Unknown, (from 18-21 various amounts of money)

22 Mrs Ann Smith, of 513 West street, 5 sovereigns

23 Unknown

24 William Williams, one pistol, nine sovereigns, one chain, $2.25 in silver and one lot of German manuscript, including a draft for ten Prussian thalers

25 Robert H. Eccles, 21 sovereigns

26 Unknown

Articles Picked Up

  1. Three silver watches with common chains

  2. 6 plain gold rings

  3. 1 emigrant passenger's ticket for two, dated at London, and good for New York to Chicago, via the New York Central and Great Western and Michigan Central Railroads

  4. 1 emigrant passenger's ticket from Chicago to Nebraska, with checks attached

  5. A bill of exchange drawn by Wm. H.M. Hayward, dated March 4, 1873, on George Harris, Land Commissioner, Burlington and Missouri River Railroad Company, Lincoln, Neb., payable to the order of George Fletcher, for 100

  6. A marriage certificate of Joseph Booth Haywood and Hannah Hooley, of Lower Broughton, Lancashire, dated February 26, 1873

Articles Saved

The following articles were saved and delivered by N.P. Christian:

  1. Two rings supposed to belong to Albert Sumner, one being a signet, marked "S" and the other a plain one marked "From Allan to Albert"

  2. Taken from a vest, five twenty franc gold pieces, two ten franc pieces, one five franc piece and one silver watch

  3. Two Post Office orders, Nos. 462, and 463, for $40 each, drawn in Rockland, Me, and payable to Amanda Richards, Surrey, England; a receipt by J.W. Lawrence, Boston, for $46.40, from John Richards, dated September 21, 1872, for a draft on the Metropolitan Bank for 8 sterling

  4. A silver watch, marked on the paper inside, "Mr. Hawkins," and showing that it had been cleaned and repaired at Bridgetown, Totness, England.

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