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Immigration Report of 1837

The following information was extracted from the British Parliamentary Papers.

Date Names Names of the Vessels
and Ports they sailed from
No. of
each lot
of old
Amount in Money
s. d.
June Thomas Landergan Bolivar from Waterford 1 0 1 8
William Donnovan Isabella from Cork 2 -
Ellen Quinton Isabella from Cork 3 1 2 6
James Caldwell Friends from Dublin 4 - 14 11
Ellen Harrington Swan from Cork 5 -
Cornelius Sullivan Anne from Cork 6 3 4 6
Maria M'Hua Prince Le Boo from Dublin 7 - 19 6
Edward Hale Mary from Liverpool 8 -
Joseph Dean George from Londonderry 9 1 7 -
Aug Helen Smith Wm. Ritchie from Liverpool 11 -
Peter Daly Conubia from Liverpool 12 -
John Cahill Ocean from Dublin 13 -
Daniel Bohan ditto 14 -
James Dowlan ditto 16 -
Bridget Salmon ditto 18 -

No. Ship's Name From where Sailed Amount
s. d.
Aided by their landlords 7 Anne Lynn 24 13 4
ditto 8 Eldon London 7 1 4
ditto 1 Brightman ditto 6 5 -
ditto 8 Stentor ditto 5 19 3
Sent out under the
authority of the Poor Law
97 Auxiliary ditto 126 3 11
ditto 123 Eldon ditto 132 9 2
ditto 67 Brightman ditto 87 10 -
ditto 67 Nelson Wood ditto 57 16 -

These paupers were from Yarmouth, London, Portsmouth, Bristol, Plymouth, Poole, Hull and Falmouth.

Ship Arrivals Extracted From The Report of 1837

(all dates given as week ending, eg. Week ending May 13)
Vessel From Comments
May 13 Borneo Limerick  
May 20 Recovery Kinsale some to US
May 27 Isabella Cork Captain Cotter and his family - brought out several other families and going to Toronto area
ditto Hero   45 from Bristol assisted by Earl of Heytesbury from Wiltshire going to Lake Simco[sic] vicinity to join party from last year
June 3   Ross (from town of Ross) proceeded to join friends in Perth area; some to friends in Rawdon, in the district of Montreal
June 10 Ann Lynn 154 passengers, principally paupers from Beachamwell, Norfolk. Robert Hawkes and family proceeded to Port Hope. (Captain of vessel was John Long)
June 17 Auxiliary London many paupers - great deal of sickness - 64 now in hospital at Grosse Isle, and 10 of their number died on the passage out. (Captain W. Patterson and surgeon Mr. Thomas Birt)
ditto Nelson Wood London (Master was Captain Robinson)
ditto Charlotte Liverpool complaints about an overcharge of the emigrant tax taken by Messrs. Robinson & Co. owners of the vessel
June 24 Atlanta Bristol chiefly from Somersetshire assisted by their respective parishes
  Venus Yarmouth 140 paupers
July 1 Four Brothers Sydney part of the passengers in the Royalist from Londonderry, run down by the Wexford, of Wexford, on the 28th may, near the island of St. paul's; she succeeded in getting into sydney four days after the accident, and, I am happy to say, without the loss of any lives; the above-mentioned passengers, after a detention of 14 days secured their passage in the schooner to this port, 44 of them are still at Sydney, being without sufficient money to enable them to come on.
July 8 Regalia Londonderry - principally farmers, going to Toronto neighbourhood where many of them have friends already settled
July 15   Belfast very respectable people, and all appear well provided with means; a large proportion of them have proceeded to upper Canada, and a few to join their friends in the neighbourhood of By-Town.
July 29     190 souls, about 80 families, who have been sent out by the Poor Law Commissioners under the charge of surgeons Staley and G.A. Jenkins; they all proceeded to Montreal in Friday night's boat
  Eldon London? 40 Germans, all agriculurists, and a few mechanics; they intend to settle in the Upper Province if they meet with a location to answer. They are desirous of purchasing a block of land for themselves, as they intend all to settle together; from the information I could obtain from the interpreter they are in possession of ample means to do so.
(Captain S. Warren, R.N., and surgeon Mr. S. Staley)
no date given Brightman London? "Mr. G.A. Jenkins, surgeon of the fine teak ship Brightman, 400 tons, C.W. Nocheles, commander, in charge of about 120 adult emigrants; 50 or 60 are under my contract with the Poor Law Commissioners, and I have to request your kind assistance to Mr. Jenkins to forward these few to Montreal, and paying the head-money of 20s. sterling on account of his salary, agreeable to your order. (Letter from Buchanan to P. Saunders, Esq. of London, dated June 26, 1837)
  Stanton London? (Sailed about mid-July - believe from London - Captain Trevit)
  Eliza London (Captain Munn)

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