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Annals of the Port of Quebec 1535-1900

This document was published in 1901 and contains various points of interest about the port of Quebec. For example:

Opening Of Navigation, At Quebec
Date at Which First Vessel Arrived for a Period of Twelve Years

We have been favored with an extract from the Quebec Observatory relating to the opening of navigation for twelve years, from 1855 to 1866
Year Ice Broke Up First Ship
1855 4th May 6th May
1856 No ice-bridge 28th April
1857 23rd April 21st April
1858 No ice-bridge  
1859 18th April 28th April
1860 No ice-bridge 28 April
1861 No ice-bridge 22nd April
1862 No ice-bridge 22nd April
1863 29th April 3rd May
1864 No ice-bridge 24th April
1865 15th April 29th April
1866 19th April 28th April

Date of Last Trip of Steamers to Montreal
1854 - December 2 1864 - December 1
1855 - November 28 1865 - December 2
1856 - November 30 1866 - December 3
1857 - December 5 1867 - November 22
1858 - December 14 1868 - November 25
1859 - December 8 1869 - November 26
1860 - December 1 1870 - November 28
1861 - December 3 1871 - November 26
1862 - December 4 1872 - November 24
1863 - December 2 1873 - November 18

Then there are adds for:

Great Northern Railway
of Canada

The Short, New and Most Direct Route
Chicago, Milwaukee, Duluth, Fort William,
All Western Points and
...The Great Lakes To...
Europe via Parry Sound (Depot Harbor),
Canada Atlantic and Great Northern
to Quebec, thence Ocean Steamer.


800 miles Shorter than via Buffalo and New York


Unsurpassed facilities for handling Freight at Quebec.
New and Modern Elevator (capacity 1,000,000 bushels)
Deep water all the year round.



Hawkesbury to Quebec ..............................226 Miles
Montreal-Joliette Extension ....................... 40 Miles
Branch Lines .............................................. 8 Miles
Total ...................................................... 274 Miles


Summer Homes, Grand Scenery, Good Fishing and Hunting
among the Laurentian Hills.
The Famous Shawenegan Falls-The Niagara of the
East-only Four hours run from Quebec.
Magnificent water-powers at various points along the Line,
offering unexcelled sites for manufacturing industries.


General Offices: Quebec, P.Q.

Guy Tombs, J.G. Scott,
General Freight & Passenger Agent General Manager

Leyland Line

St. Lawrence Services




For passage, Freight, and

Other information apply to

Fredk. Leyland & Co. (1900)


81 St Peter Street 11 St. Sacrament St.

Quebec Montreal

Quebec Steamship Co.

Tours of the Tropics
Bermuda and West India Lines
of the
Quebec Steamship Co.

Bermuda, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Kitts, Antigua, Guadaloupe, Dominica, Martinique,
St. Lucia, Barbados and Demerara, via the New York and
West India Routes of the Quebec Steamship Company.
New York and Bermuda Royal Mail Steamship Line

The "A1" Iron Steamship "Trinidad," 3,000 tons, or "Pretoria," 3,300
tons, having the newest and best passenger accommodations, will sail from the
Company's pier, 47, North River, New York, ever alternate Saturday during the summer
months, and weekly from January to June.

New York and Windward islands Mail Steamship Line.

St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Kitts, Antigua, Guadaloupe, Martinique, St. Lucia,
Barbados and Demerara.

The First-class Iron Steamships "Madiana", 3,160 tons; "Fontabelle,"
2,700 tons; "Roraima," 3,300 tons; "Caribbee," 2,000 tons. These Vessels have
excellent passenger accommodation and are scheduled to sail from pier 47, North River,
New York, alternatively EVERY TEN DAYS.

St. Lawrence Line to Maritime Provinces

The Twin-Screw Iron Steamship "Campana," 1,700 tons, having the
highest accommodation for passengers, will sail from Montreal to Pictou, N.S.,
calling at Quebec,Father Point, Gaspé, Malbay, Percé, Summerside, P.E.I., and Charlottetown, P.E.I., at 2.00p.m., every alternate Monday during the Season
of Navigation, sailing from Quebec the following Tuesday at noon. At Pictou, the Intercolonial train is taken for Halifax, whence connections can be made
for St. John, N'fl'd., St. John, N.B., Portland, Boston and New York.

Tickets are for sale at all Principal Ticket Offices in the United States and Canada.

For passage and pamphlets giving information of the above routes, apply to

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