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Widows and Orphans of 1847

The immigration of 1847 was three times as high as the previous year and plagued with problems. Thousands of Irish were leaving their homes in search of a better life. Many were starving as the potato famine reached its high water mark. From the time they boarded the ships for Canada deaths began to occur. By the time they arrived, thousands had lost their lives and thousands more died at the quarantine station at Grosse Isle.

The following information is about some of the widows and orphans who arrived in Toronto. An Asylum was opened in September of 1847 to house those who were left destitute. The Asylum only operated until May 30, 1848 but left behind this report containing the names of 197 of the people who had resided there.

This information is extracted from the document, Report of the Managing Committee of the Widows and Orphans' Asylum, for the Care and Maintenance of the Destitute Widows and Orphans of the Emigrants of 1847, published in Toronto in 1848.

Rules for Daily Occupation, &c.

Five o'clock, A.M. Bell to ring for rising.
Five to seven, A.M. 1st Inmates to wash and dress.
2nd. Beds to be put in order.
3rd. Rooms to be cleaned.
Seven to eight, A.M. 1st. Roll to be called.
2nd. Prayers to be read.
3rd. Breakfast.
Eight to ten, A.M. Recreation or work for boys and girls.
Ten, A.M., to half-past twelve, P.M. School and work.
Half-past twelve to two, P.M. Dinner, recreation and work.
Two to four, P.M. School and work.
Four to six, P.M. Recreation or work.
Six, P.M. Supper
Seven to eight, P.M. 1st. Roll to be called.
2nd. Prayers to be read.
3rd. Prepare for bed.
Half-past eight o'clock, P.M. Lights to be extinguished.
From 1st of November to 1st of May Rising hour, six o'clock; breakfast, eight to nine; supper five. Lights to be extinguished at half-past seven o'clock, P.M.
Visitors to be admitted between four and six o'clock.

Rules of Conduct

To be fairly written and hung up in the Rooms.

1st.-Any inmate who shall neglect to observe any of the rules of the institution applicable to him or her;
Or who shall make any noise when silence is ordered;
Or use obscene or profane language;
Or by word or deed insult or revile any other inmate of the Asylum;
Or who shall not duly cleanse his or her person;
Or neglect or refuse to work;
Or pretend sickness;
Or who shall wilfully waste or spoil any provisions, or stock, or tools, or materials for work;
Or wilfully damage any property whatsoever belonging to the institution;
Or disobey any of the orders of the Master, or Matron, or School Mistress, in their respective spheres of duty; shall be deemed disorderly, and shall be put upon such diet as the Committee or the Visiting Members shall direct.

2nd.-Any inmate who shall, within seven days, repeat one of the offences, or commit more than one of the offences specified in the foregoing rule;
Or who shall by word or deed insult or revile the Master or Matron, or any officer of the Asylum;
Or who shall be guilty of any act of drunkenness or indecency, shall be deemed refractory, and shall be punished either by alteration in diet, dismissal from the Asylum, or such other mode as may be prescribed by order of the Committee or the Visiting Members.

Scale of Diets in Use in the Asylum

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wedn Thursd Friday Saturd
Breakfast Bread and Tea Oatmeal Porridge and Milk Oatmeal Porridge and Milk Oatmeal Porridge and Milk Oatmeal Porridge and Milk Oatmeal Porridge and Milk Oatmeal Porridge and Milk
Dinner Bread and Meat Bread and Soup Bread and Meat Bread and Soup Bread and Meat Bread and Milk[sic] Bread and Soup
Supper Bread and Tea Bread and Tea Bread and Tea Bread and Tea Bread and Tea Bread and Tea Bread and Tea

Allowance for widows, and children above ten years:--
Bread, half a pound for each meal.
Meat, half a pound do.
Milk, half a pint do.
Meal, seven ounces for breakfast.
Soup, one quart for each meal.
Tea, one-eighth of an ounce for each meal.
Sugar, one ounce for each meal.

Allowance for children under ten years and above two years:--
Bread, meat, soup, oatmeal and milk-half the above quantities.
Sugar and water with milk, instead of tea, for supper.

Children under two years:--
Bread, half a pound,-- Day's allowance
Sweet Milk, one pint, - Day's allowance

R. McCausland, Superintendent.

Statement Showing the State of the Asylum

From its opening on the 11th Sep., 1847, till its close, 30th May, 1848.



Classification Total Birth Place Total Religious Denomination Total
Widows without Children Widows with Children under 18 years, dependent on them. Orphans under 18 years Young Women over 18 Years England Scotland Ireland Trinidad Church of England Church of Scotland Church of Rome
Widows Children
Admitted 17 114 294 160 42 627 1 2 623 1 627 95 9 523 627
Discharged 17 114 294 160 42 627 1 2 623 1 627 95 9 523 627
Rem'g on 30th May 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 17 114 294 160 42 627 1 2 623 1 627 95 9 523 627
The destitution of the total number relieved, is accounted for as follows:--
Destitute, by husband or parents dying before leaving home 85
Do. in Toronto 282
Do. on Sea 75
Do. at Grosse Isle and Quebec 86
Do. at Montreal and East to Quebec 49
Do. at Kingston and east to Montreal 27
Do. at Niagara 9
Do. at Hamilton and Port Credit 14
Total 627

Discharges Analyzed.

Went to relatives, found means, and left at own request 129
Placed in a position to earn their own livelihood 258
Removed to Emigrant and City Hospitals 153
Dismissed for refusing to conform to the rules of the Asylum 47
Absconded 23
Died in the Asylum 6
Sent to Gaol for Larceny 1
Removed to Provincial Lunatic Asylum 1
Infants (orphans) given out to be nursed on closing the Asylum 3
Three widows with their own infants nursing the orphans 6



Return of Children, &c., Sent Out to Service
No. Children, &c. Given Out. Parties to Whom Given. Observations.
Name Age Date Name Station Residence Conditions
1 Joseph Smith 10 Sep 27 Philip Oliphant Farmer Oakville To sign the usual form when required  
2 Mary Fitzgibbon 5 Sep 29 C. Fitzgibbon, Esq. Lawyer Toronto    
3 Mary Gallagher 10 Oct 9 M. O'Donohoe Storekeeper, &c. Do. To sign usual form when called upon  
4 Margaret Curran 13 Oct 28 Mr. Reid Coll. of Customs Darlington 1 dollars per month Since returned
5 James Smith 10 Oct 28 James Brown Farmer Clarke Towns'p To sign the usual form when required Since returned
6 Michael Kelly 12 Oct 28 Joshua Richardson Do. Pickering Do Left his master, but not return'd to the Asylum
7 James Headley 10 Nov 3 Edward McMullin Do. Norval To be brought up as his own child  
8 Matthew Tierney 14 Nov 4 Dr. Barton Physician Keswick, L. Simc. Food and clothing, and $5 for one year  
9 Patrick mcDonald 14 Nov 10 Dr. Jameson Do. Thornhill To be allowed to attend School: clothing and wages, subject to conduct  
10 Mary Mahon 5 Nov 13 Jacob Crosson Farmer York Township The usual description when required  
11 Mary Kelly 7 Nov 13 Duncan Falconer Armourer Dundas Street Do.  
12 Sally Nowland 25 Nov 19 Francis Nichol Pensioner Queen Street $2 a month and some clothing A Widow
13 Peter Jordan 14 Nov 23 Edward mcMullin Farmer Norval On same conditions as james Headley  
14 Judy Gorey 12 Nov 23 James R. Upham Do. Toronto Town'p To be bound till 18, and give the usual allowance  
15 Joseph Murray 12 Nov 24 James Miller Do. Esquesing The usual allowance to be given, and form signed  
16 Hugh Mooghan 14 Nov 25 H.A. Johnston Store Keeper Queen St. West A dollar and a quarter a month  
17 Winney Harte 17 Nov 27 Rev. Mr. Mack Rector Amherstburg Wages according to ability  
18 Mary Harte 16 Nov 27 Do. Do. Do. Do.  
19 Catherine Harte 12 Nov 27 Do. Do. Do. Do.  
20 John Oliver 5w Nov 28 Geo. McConnell Farmer Scarborough To be adopted as his own child Doing well on the 19th inst. - R. McC.
21 Margaret Feron 13 Nov 29 John C. Moulton Schoolmaster 5 m. up Younge St. maintenance and clothing for 3 years Since left - Taken by her uncle
22 Mary O'Dea 14 Nov 30 Mrs Floyd Private Garrison common $1 a month and clothing,-6 months  
23 Nora Hays 12 Nov 30 Ann Henderson Boarding House Queen St. West Designed that she should be bound.-To be properly cared for  
24 Ellen Nash 25 Dec 2 W.H. Edwards Farmer Scarborough Three dollars per month for 6 months A widow
25 Joseph Ward 11 Dec 2 Thomas Gerrard Do. York Township To remain four years, in usual manner  
26 Pat Nugent 12 Dec 2 Allan Murphy Butcher Queen St. West To be bound as a butcher Since left and returned
27 Pat O'Connor 12 Dec 6 Alexander Nadeaw Shoemaker Duchess Street To be bound as a shoemaker  
28 Michael McKeogh 14 Dec 6 R. Davis & Co Grocers King Street A dollar and a half a month  
29 William Brown 14 Dec 6 R. McEniry Shoemaker Duchess Street To be bound as a shoemaker  
30 Catherine Nugent 13 Dec 7 Andrew Henderson Store keeper Queen St. West To remain till 18. School, clothing, &c.  
31 Biddy Gilligan 5 Dec 7 John Lee Lodg. H. Keeper Toronto Not defined Given to Mr. Elmsley.
32 Michael O'Brien 7 Dec 7 Hon. J. Elmsley Gentleman Church Street Do. Do. Since left
33 John Gallagher 9 Dec 7 John Lee Lodg. H. Keeper Toronto Do. Do.
34 Ann M'Cabe 9 Dec 8 Thomas Donoghoe Bricklayer Queen St. West To be brought up as his own. Ha no family.  
35 Mary Fox 17 Dec 8 Mr. Leary Store Keeper King & Fred. St. To receive wages by the month  
36 Bridget Clarke 17 Dec 10 Mrs. Robertson Merchant Nelson Street Clothing and wages.  
37 Terry Moran 13 Dec 11 Mark Stephenson Farmer Trafalgar To get the usual allowance when of age  
38 Margt. McDonagh 12 Dec 11 Samuel Lynn Grocer, &c. Toronto Not defined. Given to Rev. Mr. Kirwan
39 Mary Kearns 11 Dec 11 James O'Heron Do. Do. Do. Do.
40 Thomas Quigley 10 Dec 11 Michael Furlong Tailor Do. Do. Do.
41 William Mill 10 Dec 11 Morris Scollard Accountant Do. Do. Do.
42 Ann McCallan 13 Dec 11 James Tracey Shoemaker Do. Do. Do.
43 Patrick Nugent 12 Dec 13 W. Oxenham Whitesmith Adelaide Street To be bound as a smith Since left
44 Maria Mooney 14 Dec 13 Hugh McGuire Carter Duchess Street One dollar a month Since left
45 Bridget Connolly 16 Dec 13 Daniel Brandon Tailor march Street A dollar and a half per month  
46 Honora McMahon 14 Dec 13 Michael Casey Do. Queen St. West One dollar per month  
47 Rebecca Thompson 11 Dec 13 Wm. Danbrook Farmer York Township One dollar per month  
48 Margt. Fitzgerald 10 Dec 13 John Malloy Steward Osgoode Hall Wages when able to earn  
49 Jody Gallagher 8 Dec 15 Thomas Nash Farmer markham To be brought up as his own  
50 Johanna Fitzgerald 13 Dec 16 Andrew Lever Do. York Township When 18 a bed and two suits of clothes  
51 Jane Williamson 11 Dec 16 John C. Moulton Schoolmaster 5 m. up Yonge St. Food and clothing for 3 years  
52 Hugh Tierney 10 Dec 17 James Johnston Waggon maker Toronto Town'p Bound 4 years, $25 first year, and $30 for each succeeding year  
53 Wm. Thompson 15 Dec 17 Do. Do. Do. $50 & two suits of clothes when of age  
54 Catherine Gillooley 10 Dec 18 Rev. Mr. Rice Wesleyan Minist. Queen St. West Keep & maintain her till 18 years of age  
55 Thomas Kirby 12 Dec 18 Mr. Wheelwright Farmer Weston, Etobico. Sent to school and reared to farm work  
56 John Gallivan 16 Dec 21 Richard Butler Farmer & Blacks. Whitby To be bound as a smith $25 for 1st year, 35 for 2nd, 45 for 3rd, and 55 for 4th.  
57 Mary Pondergast 18 Dec 23 Mr. Reid Farmer Pickering Two dollars per month  
58 John McDonald 12 Dec 23 Joseph Wilson Do. York Township One hundred dollars when of age  
59 Maria Mooney 14 Dec 24 Isaac Waite Do. Toronto Towns'p When 18 to receive a bed and two suits of closthes Since left
60 Ann Morton 18 Dec 27 Mr. Hewlett Accountant York Street A dollar and a half per month Since returned
61 Mary Nugent 18 Dec 28 R. Davis & Co. Store-keeper King Street Two dollars per month
62 Peggy Loftis 10 Jan 1 John Wheland Carter Melinda Street To be clothed and educated  
63 John Doyle 12 Jan 4 Thomas Loratt Blacksmith York Township Food and clothing for 5 years, and to be bound  
64 Stephen Morris 12 Jan 6 John Hoyfield Store-keeper Pickering 20 when of age, & learn storekeeping  
65 Nora McCallan 15 Jan 7 Robert McEnery Farmer Scarborough Clothing & food as long as she remains  
66 Jane Orr 20 Jan 8 Charles Moore Do. Yonge Street A dollar and a half a month  
67 Margt. Waddell 16 Jan 11 Chas. Handcock Private Yonge St., 5 mls Food & clothing as long as she remains Since left and returned to the Asylum
68 mary Loftis 12 Jan 15 Joseph Lankin Farmer York Township When 18 to receive bed and begging, and two suits of clothes  
69 Ellen Moran 11 Jan 17 Joseph Falconer Do. New London To be brought up as his own child  
70 Ellen Cogan 17 Jan 18 Mrs. P. O'Neill Store-keeper Duke Street To receive wages  
71 Peggy Gallagher 10 Jan 18 Miss Fitzgerald Private Niagara To be brought up as her own  
72 Bridget Teity 12 Jan 18 Mrs. Phipps Dressmaker Richmond St. To be bound as a dressmaker for 5 yrs.  
73 Mary Riley 14 18 Mr. Henderson Storekeeper King St. Food, clothing, &c  
74 John Tracey 14 18 Mrs. Boys Professor, K.C. Coll. Buildings Food, clothing, &c.  
75 Jerry leary 12 20 John Culham Farmer Etobicoke One dollar a month for one year  
76 John McCabe 7 21 Patrick Murphy Shoemaker Dundas Not defined Given to Rev. Mr. Riley, Dundas.
77 Eliza Gardener 7 21 Patrick Smith Labourer Do. Do. Do.
78 John Mahon 9 21 Thomas McManus Cooper Do. Do. Do.
79 Martha Wall 9 21 Richard hall Farmer Goderich Do. Do.
80 Michael Cormack 10 21 Thomas Macguire Do. Beveredge Do. Do.
81 Ann O'Brien 35 21 Peter Mackey do. Paris Do. Do. to Rev. Mr. Quinlin, Brantford.
82 Ellen O'Brien 13 21 Do. Do. Do. Do. Do.
83 Thomas O'Brien 11 21 Do. Do. Do. Do. Do.
84 Mathew O'Brien 9 21 Daniel Caliaghan Do. Brantford do. Do.
85 Ann O'Brien 4 21 In care of No. 81 her mother   Do. Do.
86 Anthony Loftis 7 21 Peter Mackey Farmer Paris Do. Do.
87 Peggy Doil 16 21 Mrs. Colvert Do. Gore District When 18, a bed &c. and 2 suits clothes  
88 Rose Moran 11 21 Gerrard Molloy Do. Wellington Do.  
89 John McGuire 13 21 Jas. Leary Do. Toronto Town'p When 21 to receive 25 Since left
90 Margt. O'Hary 13 22 Rev. W. Sanderson Wesly'n Minister Gerrard Street Food and clothing as long as she wishes to remain  
91 Ellen Smith 13 22 John Black Cl'k. Crt. Chanc'y Adelaide Street Do.  
92 Bridget Ryan 8 25 Andw. Wedsthen Farmer W. Gwillimbury Not defined Given to Rev. Mr. Kirwan
93 Catherine Flaherty 8 26 Lawrence Delaney Do. Tecumseth Do. Do.
94 Peggy Purcell 7 25 John Desmond Do. Markham Do. Do.
95 Judy Pendergast 13 25 John Prier Miller Thornhill Do. Do.
96 Michael Pendergast 10 25 M. McCarthy Farmer Adjala Do. Do.
97 Kitty Casey 12 25 John Connor Do. Markham do. Do.
98 Mary Casey 10 25 Peter Ouster Do. Vaughan Do. Do.
99 Pat. Comerford 6 25 Madden Do. Essa Do. Do.
100 Michael Dwyer 10 25 James Naheney Do. King Do. Do.
101 John O'Hara 9 25 Returned to city   Do. Do.
102 Peter Kearns 9 25 Michl. O'Connor Farmer & Brickl'r Vaughan Do Do.
103 Michael kearns 7 Jan 25 Michl. Noland Farmer Essa Do. Given to Rev. Mr. Kirwan
104 Ann Naughton 11 Jan 25 Richard Jeffrey Do. Vaughan When 18 to receive 10 currency  
105 Catherine Doll 16 Jan 25 Wm. Mulholland Do. York Township When 18 either a cow and two suits of clothes, or 5 currency  
106 Catherine Gannon 12 Jan 25 Wm. Lunday Do. Toronto town'p When 18 to receive two suits of clothes and 7 10.  
107 Thomas Gilmour 13 Jan 26 A. Wilson, Esq. Farmer & Smith Innisfil To be bound as a smith in usual manner  
108 Eliza Moran 8 Jan 27 John Burns Labourer Dundas Not defined Given to Rev. Mr. Kirwan to go Thornhill
109 Bridget Downey 10 Jan 27 Thos. McNally Do. Do. Do. Do.
110 Mary Downey 5 Jan 27 Thos. Good Farmer Do. Do. Do.
111 Mary McManus 7 Jan 27 Thos. Smith Labourer Do. Do. Do.
112 John Graham 8 Jan 27 Arthur Norris Farmer Chinguacousy When 20 years of age to get $100 and two suits of clothes  
113 Ellen Birn 16 Jan 28 John Ferrott Do. W. Gwillimbury Not defined Given to Do.
114 Mary Smith 18 Jan 28     Newmarket Do. Do.
115 Pat. McMahon 12 Jan 28 Andw Hidagan Farmer W. Gwillimbury Do. Do.
116 Emily Ward 9 Jan 28 Mrs. Blakeney   Church Street Suitably clothed and educated  
117 Mary O'Brien 12 Jan 28 James Ross Farmer Simcoe, Mulmur or Tosorontio When 18 to receive bed, &c., cow and two suits of clothes  
118 Ann Kempton 15 Jan 31 C. McMullin Accountant Nelson Street A dollar and a half per month  
119 Jane Graham 9 Feb 1 John Eyear Farmer Markham When 18 to receive bed, &c., cow and two suits of clothes.  
120 Thos. Hamilton 10 Feb 1 John Arvery Do. Erin When 21 to get a farm  
121 Judy Dwyer 20 Feb 1 hamilton Dunlop Do. Pickering twenty-four dollars for one year  
122 Catherine Burns 11 Feb 2 Geo. Taylor Farmer Grantham When 18, a bed, bedding, and two suits of clothes  
123 Pat. McGowan 14 Feb 5 Thos. Freeman Do. & Carpenter Esquesing Bound for 6 years, and to receive a set tools  
124 Cath. McGowan 13 Feb 5 " Do. Do. When 18, a bed and bedding, and two suits of clothes Since left
125 Margaret O'Dea 11 Feb 8 Gavin Allan Farmer Innisfil Do.  
126 Rose Thom 50 Feb 8 John O'Connor Lawyer Caroline Street two dollars per month A widow
127 Jane Riley 12 Feb 9 Levi Carroll Farmer York Township When 18, a bed and bedding, and $16.  
128 James McCormack 13 Feb 10 Wm. Chambers Do. East Oxford When 21, one hundred dollars.  
129 Wm. Thompson 15 Feb 11 Dr. Morrison Physician King Street Two dollars per month  
130 Ellen Short 20 Feb 14 Jerrard McCabe Farmer Sydenham T'p Two dollars per month for one year.  
131 Mary Miller 18 Feb 14 R.A. Shepherd Private Trafalgar T'p $1 per month, and to increase.  
132 Peggy Hayes 22 Feb 14 M. Taylor Farmer Do. Do.  
133 Pat. Grant 13 Feb 14 Chas. Doherty Do. Toronto Town'p When 21, to receive 100 dollars.  
134 Mary McAvey 22 Feb 15 James Hugo Do. & Tav. Keeper Thornhill Three dollars per month.  
135 Michael Loughney 11 Feb 17 Wm. A. Neile Farmer Penetanguishine Not defined. In charge Rev. Mr. Charest
136 Edward McMahon 11 Feb 17 Constant Merendon Do. Do. Do. "
137 Martin Darmar 9 Feb 17 Henry Desaune Do. Do. Do. "
138 Rose Mooney 8 Feb 17 Rev. Mr. Charest Do. Do. Do. "
139 Pat Mooney 9 Feb 17 Wm. Cowan Do. Do. Do. "
140 Edward Pendergast 8 Feb 17 Wm. McCormack Do. Do. Do. "
141 Henry Tracey 11 Feb 17 Michl. McKaney Do. Vespra Do. "
142 Martin Grant 6 Feb 17 Joseph Augur Do. Penetanguishine Do. "
143 Mary McCormack 17 Feb 17 Louis Columbus Do. Do. Do. "
144 Ellen McKeogh 20 Feb 17 Michael Bergin Do. Oro Do. "
145 Bridget O'Connor 16 Feb 17 Henry McAvey Do. Flos Do. "
146 Margaret Traley 20 Feb 17 Michael Quinlin Do. Barrie Do. "
147 Ann Fallon 15 Feb 17 John McAvey Do. Flos Do. "
148 Ann McCormack 15 Feb 17 Michl. McDevit Do. Do. Do. "
149 Bridget Loughney 8 Feb 17 John Lecroix Do. Penetanguishine Do. "
150 Bridget Fox 18 Feb 17         Spinster "
151 Ellen Gallagher 20 Feb 17         Spinster "
152 Mary Grant 38 Feb 17         Widow "
153 Catherine Casey 20 Feb 17         Spinster "
154 Mary Loughney 32 Feb 17         Widow. In charge of Rev. Mr. Charest.
155 Catherine Smith 30 Feb 18 Mrs. O'Donohue Storekeeper, &c. King Street Four dollars per month Widow
156 Ann Carroll 24 Feb 19 Geo. McConnell Farmer Scarborough Two dollars per month. Widow.
157 Ann Bourke 21 Feb 21 Mrs. Murray Private Wellington St. Do.  
158 Ann Kearns 30 Feb 22 Geo. W. Catley Cl'k B'ld Works Sherbourne St. Do. Widow
159 Margaret Waddell 18 Feb 23 Michl. McGowan Labourer Richmond St. One dollar per month.  
160 Robert lambert 11 Feb 23 Jacob Rupert Farmer Vaughan When 21 years of age 100 dollars  
161 Thomas Gilmor 14 Feb 28 Geo. Armstrong Do. Vesborough Do. Return'd to the city sick, and died in Hospital. R. McC. Sup't.
162 Ann Morton 18 Mar 1 Wm. Parry Do. Barrie Twenty-four dollars for one year.  
163 Ellen Aimes 18 Mar 3 D. Merigold Do. Toronto Town'p Two dollars per month  
164 Margaret O'Hara 21 Mar 4 Thomas Sunday Do. Chinguacousy Do.  
165 Mary Moran 16 Mar 6 Mrs. M. French Do. Queenston Do.
166 Thomas Henry 12 Mar 7 Thos. Ingoldsby Do. Etobicoke When 21 years of age eighty dollars.  
167 James Henry 12 Mar 9 W. McKenzie Do. Vaughan When 21 years of age 20, and one suit of clothes  
168 John Smith 15 Mar 20 Wm. Loane Shoemaker King Street Two dollars per month.  
169 Catherine Ryan 9 Mar 21 Wm. Reid Farmer Esquesing When 18 years of age, two suits clothes, cow, feather bed and bedding.  
170 Mary McCallan 12 Mar 21 Thos. Tindale Do. Albion Do.  
171 Pat. McKeogh 13 Mar 23 Thos. McCormack Do. Vaughan When 21 years of age, 20 currency  
172 Eliza Bennet 13 Mar 23 Wm. J. Carr Painter, &c. Qu'n St. Toronto When 18, feather bed and bedding, two suits clothes, and twenty dollars.  
173 Pat McTiernan 12 Mar 24 Jas. Divine Farmer Albion When 21 years, one hundred dollars.  
174 Ann Noon 12 Mar 30 Thos. Cunningham Do. Guelph Not defined. Given in charge to Rev. S. Sandell, P.P.
175 John Noon 10 Mar 30 Thos. Cunningham Farmer Guelph Not defined. Given in charge to Rev. S. Sandell, P.P.
176 Pat. Corcoran 9 Mar 30 Gerrard Cavenagh Do. Arthur Do. "
177 Pat. Naughton 9 Mar 30 P. Sherry Do. do. Do. "
178 Daniel Duinan 12 Mar 30 Michl. Kelly Do. do. Do. "
179 Ellen Duinan 10 Mar 30 Mr. Maze Do. Guelph Do. "
180 Michael Halloran 9 Mar 30 Felix Magee Do. Nichol Do. "
181 Bernard Flaherty 10 Mar 30 John Callaghan Do. do. Do. "
182 Daniel Leary 12 Mar 30 Wm. Murphy Do. Guelph Do. "
183 Pat. Murphy 10 Mar 30 Richard Magee Do. Arthur Do. "
184 Charles Deneen 14 Mar 30 John Greer Do. Garafraxa Do. "
185 Ann Tracey 16 Apr 5 Peter Wardlow Do. Etobicoke A dollar and a half per month.  
186 Mich. Shaughnessy 16 Apr 7 Jas. McCabe Do. Castor When 21 years of age, 100 dollars.  
187 John Dwyer 14 Apr 7 Chas. Watkins Do. Esquesing Do.  
188 Mary Knowland 23 Apr 10 Rev. Mr. Small Episcop'l Minister Pine Ridges Two dollars per month.  
189 Ellen O'Connor 18 Apr 10 N.T. Coons Miller Weston Village Do.  
190 Ann Doll 14 Apr 11 R. Walbrook, sen. Farmer Trafalgar One dollar per month.  
191 Ann Kimpton 18 Apr 11 R. Walbrook, Jun Do do. Do.  
192 William Porter 8 Apr 11 Wm. Armstrong Do. Toronto Towns'p When 21 years of age, 100 dollars  
193 Margaret Waddell 18 Apr 17 Mrs. Smith Bonnetmaker Agnes St. Toron. One dollar per month.  
194 Mary Ross 5 Apr 17 W. Mathers Gentleman Queen St. Toron. To be adopted.  
195 Margaret Willis 12 Apr 27 D. Bowes Farmer & Miller Credit Mills When 18, bed, bedding, cow, and two suits of clothes.  
196 Robert Walker 10 May 3 Jno. Henderson Farmer Brock When 21, one hundred dollars.  
197 Catherine Ryan 7 May 3 Jane Hamilton Do. Chinguacousy When 18, bed, bedding, cow, and two suits of clothes.  


Total number apprenticed, adopted, &c., as per this return 197  
Total number of widows who left the Asylum at their own request, in some cases with their children, having found work, friends, &c., also of widows and children (orphans), and young women over 18 years, who were forwarded to a distance upon closing the Asylum, and thereby placed in a position to earn their own livelihood 61  
Total number placed in a position to earn their own livelihood, as per Tabular Statement   258
Correctly abstracted from the books of the Asylum, May 30th, 1848. R. McCausland, Superintendent.

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