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The SS Numidian of the Allan Line

Allan Line Royal Mail Steamship
List of Saloon Passengers
R.M.S. Numidian

Captain A. MacNicol

(Note: The ship pictured is the Sarmatian, not the Numidian.)

From Montreal 17th, Quebec 18th June 1892 to Liverpool

Mr. Abbot Miss Cooper
Mrs. Abbott Mr. F.H. Cunliffe
and child Miss Fairley
Miss Norah Acheson Mr. J. Goodall
Miss Gladys Acheson Mrs. Hurst
Mr. Ainsley Miss E. Hurst
Mrs. Ainsley Miss. B. Hurst
Miss E. Arkwright Mr. M.A. James
Mr. Thos. Armstrong Mrs. James
Mrs. Armstrong Ven. Archdeacon Jones
Mr. Joseph Bedard Mr. Jones
Mr. A.J. Bunnell Col. Lawrence
Miss Cowie Mrs. S.G. Little
Mrs. Little (stoked out) Mrs. Smith
Mrs. G. Gordon Mills Mrs. Soffe (believe she worked for Miss Rye)
Miss. Olive Mills Ensign Steele
Mr. J.C. More Mrs. Steele
Mrs. More Miss. Stuart
Mrs. Percival Miss F. Swinhoe
Mr. A. Porter Mr. Thompson
Mrs. Porter Rev. Father Tunstall
Mr. Reeves Miss Walkem
Mr. A.S. Ross Mr. H. Wallis
Rev. Father Rossall Mr. John Weir
Mrs. Shortland (stroked out) Mr. Robert Wright
Mr. G. Smith
(Above all typed following names hand written in)
Mr. Copeland Mr. Grundy
Mrs. Copeland Miss. Grundy
Mrs. Bond
Rev. A. Menwese

Officers of SS Numidian

Chief Officer R. Griffiths
Purser W.V. Lawson
Surgeon A. S. Bell
Chief Engineer T. Hislop
Chief Steward A. Smith
Stewardess Mrs. Bolton

(From the CIHM, #38656, List of saloon passenger - [Montreal?, 1892?)

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