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Passenger List (Partial) of SS Brooklyn, 1881

My thanks to Emilie Bubin Green for sending this transcription to me.

The SS Brooklyn, Master Lindall, sailed via Belfast from Liverpool on April 25, 1881 and arrived at Quebec on May 9, 1881. These children were heading to Dr. Stephenson's Home in Hamilton, Ontario.

PASSENGER LIST (Partial) Canadian Archives Microfilm # 4531

Emilie sent along this note: "All below were listed as Home Children and were under the auspices of the Rev. Mr Stephenson. All English males, except those under 12 were listed as laborers. E in the grouping stands for English. the group identified as E493 most likely came from the Children's Home at Bonner Road in Bethnal Green, London, England as Arthur Pepper below was a resident (#89) of that home. It is likely that they may be identified in the 1881 Census which was taken just a few weeks before their departure. "

NameAgePlace of BirthBelieve to be a Home Code
Robert MUIR19E492
Wm. BROOKS12""
Fred BROWN9E493
German DIAN(?)14""
Arthur FIGG11""
Bertie FIGG8""
Arthur FIGG11""
Arthur PEPPER18""
Geo. PEARS14""
Chas. SHAW16""
Thos. GILLEY14""
Robert WILLIAMS10""
Jas. TALBOT16E494
Thos. SHEPHERD11""
Jhn. GEEK?18""
Jas. KING16""
Issac LEWTHWAIT?17""
Wm. LOESTY?16""

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