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Australian Sources

The following information is for those who are seeking young immigrants who were sent to Australia. Although I am not researching the movement in Australia, I have been asked by many for this type of information. I wish to thank friends in Australia for supplying me with this information.

A guide, titled Child Migration to Australia is available from the National Archives of Australia,.

As in Canada, the archives do not have the records of the children. Most of these are held by the various agencies. These publications, however, will give you helpful information on where to find these records.

Others sources at the National Archives of Australia are:

Another resource is PHIND Personal History Index. The index is for former child migrants to Catholic homes in Western Australia, 1938-1965. This information is confidential and only the former child migrant or their nominated representatives are able to access it. The information covers the following homes:

You can access PHIND by contacting one of the following:

Also check the addresses for various agencies.

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