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Children to Bermuda 1849-1850

The following information was extracted from the British Parliamentary Papers. Pauper Children to the Bermudas in 1849 and 1850. Although these children did not come to Canada, they were found while researching the immigration of children from the United Kingdom.

James George 13 Orphan
John Howlett 14 -Father's consent given; he in the workhouse.
George Channon 14 -Orphan, grandmother's consent given; she in the workhouse
James Hart 15 -Family in Boston, United States; sister, aged 22, consented.
Percival Mann - -Aged 39, went by his own desire with the four boys

Extract from the master's report book, dated 13th November 1849. Also, to a letter received from Mr. Gray, Burton-crescent, as to the boys he required for Bermuda; also to the forms of apprenticeship received this morning.

Also, that the grandmother and uncle of Charles Sersale, aged 12 years, object to that boy going to Bermuda.

Also, that the boys named be permitted to visit their friends on Wednesday.

The master's report was presented and read:--

Resolved, that
George Barrow, aged 14 years
William Senyard 14 "
John Frederick James 13 "
Charles Tomkins 15 "
Frederick Brooks 12 "
George Empeon 15 "
William Kent 12 "
Joseph Spence 15 "
Timothy Jeffers 15 "
James Barrett 13 "
Charles Sersale 14 "
Maria Jeffers 12 "
Elizabeth Barrett 10 "
Mary Ann Gardner -
Samuel Thelwall -
William Taylor -

be sent to Bermuda by the brig "James," under the charge of Captain Richardson, and that they be apprenticed to him as servants until they respectively attain the ages of 18 years; and that Henry James, aged 25, and John Buckenham, agend 27, be also sent to Bermuda by the same vessel, and that 9 be paid for each adult, and 6 each for the boys and girls as agreed.

21 May 1850.

Master's Reports, 24 September 1850

That Mr. Gray, in company with Captain Burrows, of the ship "James," from Bermuda, called at the workhouse, bringing letters from several of the parties who emigrated lately: also applies for five boys, one of whom will be bound apprentice to the printing, he being required for the "Herald" office; eleven girls and two women; and Messrs. R. Tucker & Co. Barge-yard chambers, Bucklersbury, applies for four boys and one girl to be sent out in the "James," places being secured for them at Bermuda.

There are 27 boys and nine girls who volunteer to emigrate to Bermuda.

Reported on Tuesday, the 10th instant.

Great St. Helens, 27 September 1850, (to Mr. Eaton, St. Pancras Workhouse)


The boys sent out in 1849 were as follows: - James George to Thomas J. Gilbert, Esq., Somerset; George Channon, James Hart, John Oulett, to Thomas A. Darrell, Esq., Hamilton.

Mr. Gilbert now wishes to procure a woman and her daughter as house servants, latter 13 or 14 years; or a woman and girl separately. To the woman; if fit for a house servant, 6 per year would be given, and everything found except clothes; the girl should be apprenticed. If you know any such willing to go, please let us know.

(Signed) B.C.T. Gray & Sons

That your committee have examined the boys and girls desirous of emigrating to Bermuda, and the following list has been selected as fit subjects, both by the owners and your committee:  
Name Age Remarks
David Hockley 14 Orphan
James Wilkinson 14 Father (out)
Frederick Martin 14 Ditto - ditto
William Bateman 13 Orphan
John Casey    
&c. &c.  

Resolved, that the Report be received and adopted, with the following exceptions:

Frederick Martin having a father living out of the workhouse, and not having his consent, be not allowed to go. William Bateman not to go in consequence of his belonging to another parish. Harriet and Francis Sharpe having settlements in another parish also be not allowed to go, and that their places be filled by others; also, that Robert Dray's place be filled up if his mother's consent be not obtained, and the same with respect to Henry Staines.

Vestry Office, Pancras Road, 9 October 1850.

I, Thomas W. Burrows, master of the brig "James," do herby agree with the directors of the poor of the above parish, to take under my charge the undermentioned boys and girls for the purpose of conveying them to Bermuda; and I hereby undertake and agree with the said directors to see that the said children are placed under the care and charge of persons of good repute in the above island, and as near to the name of the person set opposite to each boy or girl as possible.

Name Age To Whom Sent
Winifred Wayland 15 Mr. Tucker
Eliza Godwin 15 Mr. Richardson
Selina Pooley 14 Mrs. Hutchins
Bridget Shields 14 Mr. Tucker
Elizabeth Parker 14 Mr. Missick
Amelia Harvey 12 Mr. Burrows
Elizabeth Stevenson 12 Mr. Hunt
Jane Locket 12 Mr. Evans
Mary Ann Butcher 11 Mrs. Bascall
Caroline Boyd 11 Mr. Macall
Sarah Gerrard 11 Mrs. Johnson
Martha Dawson 11 Mrs. Kelly
David Hockley 14 Mr. Ward
James Wilkinson 14 Mr. Siggins
Frederick Martin 14 Mr. Missick
John Johnson 13 Mr. Evans
Henry Staines 13 Mr. Hunt
Thomas Shields 13 Mr. Tucker
Robert Dry 12 Mr. Penniston
John Casey 12 Mr. Hall
James Comley 13 Mr. Tucker

As witness my hand this 9th day of October 1850.
(Signed) Thomas Wm. Burrows
(Witness,) John H. Eaton
C. Swan

List of Emigrants to Bermuda referred to in Report of R. Hall, Esq., Poor-Law Inspector

Date Names Age Where Sent Observations
21 November James George 13 To Bermuda On board the "James," Captain Stowe
" John Howlett 14 ditto "
" George Channon 14 ditto "
" James Hart 15 ditto "
" Percival Mann 39 ditto "
5 June Maria Jeffers 10 ditto On board the "James," Captain Richardson
" Elizabeth Barrett 10 ditto "
" Mary Ann Gardiner 13 ditto "
" George Barron 14 ditto "
" James Barrett 13 ditto "
" Frederick Brooks 14 ditto "
" John Frederick James 13 ditto "
" Charles Sersale 13 ditto "
" Timothy Jeffers 15 ditto "
" William Senyard 13 ditto "
" Charles Tompkinson 15 ditto "
" William Kent 13 ditto "
" George Empson 15 ditto "
" William Taylor 18 ditto "
" Robert Nimmo 38 ditto "
" Benjamin Matthews 44 ditto "
" George Grant 18 ditto "
" Henry James 25 ditto "
" George James 21 ditto "
" John Buckingham 27 ditto "
" John Thelwall 13 ditto "
10 October Winefred Wayland 16 To Bermuda On board the "James," Captain Burrowes
" Bridget Shields 14 ditto "
" Selina Pooley 14 ditto "
" Eliza Godwin 10 ditto "
" Elizabeth Parker 14 ditto "
" Mary Ann Butcher 11 ditto "
" Martha Dawson 11 ditto "
" Amelia Harvey 12 ditto "
" Sarah Gerrard 11 ditto "
" Jane Lockett 11 ditto "
" Elizabeth Stephenson 12 ditto "
" Caroline Boyd 11 ditto "
" David Hockley 14 ditto "
" Frederick Martin 14 ditto "
" James Wilkinson 14 ditto "
" John Johnson 13 ditto "
" Henry Staines 13 ditto "
" John Casey 13 ditto "
" Thomas Shields 13 ditto "
" James Combley 13 ditto "
" Robert Dry 12 ditto "

... It was further shown that the emigrants were furnished with a suitable and sufficient outfit; that every necessary precaution was taken for their moral and physical welfare during the voyage; that the captains of the vessels in which they were conveyed were men of high character, and that they treated these children with great kindness and attention, and obtained for them on landing in the colony situations in families of known respectability. Letters from some of the children were produced during the inquiry, all of which indicated the same spirit of contentment and happiness in their present position, and the same cheering hopes for the future. They also earnestly recommend their late companions to follow their example. ...

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